Different Types of Transformers | Based on Different Parameters

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The transformer plays a vital role in the electrical transmission and distribution of power systems and many other electrical circuits.

This article is all about the different classifications of the transformer.

What is a Transformer?

A Transformer is an electromagnetic device that is used for step up or step down the voltage level with respect to increasing or decreasing the current level at a constant frequency.

Only alternating current (AC) uses in a transformer. Without using the transformer, AC current cannot be circulated current and generated emf as per the recruitment.

And the transformer does not use or work on direct current (DC) due to constant current and zero frequency.

Already, I have shared a tutorial based on the main parts of a Transformer with construction.

In this article, we are going to study what are the different types of transformers.

Classification of Transformer based on Different Types

According to the studies and uses, we are using different kinds of transformers for different purposes. So everyone working in this field must know the different types of transformers.

As per requirement, multiple types of transformers are used and several branded transformers are manufactured.

I mention the below list of classifications of transformers based on various basis.

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Based on Electrical Power Supply

  1. Single Phase Transformer
  2. Three Phase Transformer

You can clear your points by the difference between single-phase and three-phase power systems.

Based on Construction and Design

  1. Core Transformer
  2. Shell Transformer

Read detail: Core type Transformer vs Shell type Transformer

Based on Measurement

  1. Current Transformer (or ‘CT’)
  2. Potential Transformer (or ‘PT’)

Based on Service

  1. Distribution Transformer
  2. Power Transformer

Based on Cooling System

  1. Dry Type Transformer
  2. Oil-immersed Type Transformer

Based on Transformer Working and Functions

  1. Step Up Transformer
  2. Step Down Transformer

Based on Windings and Connections

  1. Single Winding Transformer (known as a ‘Autotransformer’)
  2. Three Winding Transformer

Based on Types of Windings

  1. Concentric Types Winding Transformer
  2. Sandwich Types Winding Transformer

The design of the transformer depends on the power system, its construction, winding structure, the requirement of voltage level, power capability, cooling system, and transformer losses in the power system.

Companies Manufacturing Transformers

Many of the topmost electrical companies manufacture the transformer under their brand. Here is the shortlist of the Transformers brand.

The list of companies is given below.

  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Kirloskar
  • Bhel
  • Uttam Bharat
  • Urja
  • Kotsons
  • Danish

That’s it all about various/different types and classifications of transformers. These different types of transformers you can easily buy and use.

In an upcoming tutorial, I will be covering detail about each transformer type.

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