18 Advantages and Disadvantages of MCB | over Electric Fuse & MCCB

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In an earlier article, we studied different types of circuit breakers based on HT & LT.

In this article, we are going to study what are the advantages and disadvantages of miniature circuit breaker (MCB).

Advantages and Disadvantages of MCB

Advantages (or Pros) of MCB

  1. A miniature circuit breaker finds in a compact size that can easily handle and move.
  2. MCB works as a protective device (like a ‘breaker’) that quickly takes action against overheating, short circuits, and overload conditions.
  3. This circuit breaker has two crucial functions such as protection and disconnection in the power circuit.
  4. MCB is used as the control switch that turns off automatically.
  5. The switching performance of MCB is good.
  6. An MCB is a reusable type. So, less maintenance is required.
  7. The cost of maintenance and replacement is less over fuse.
  8. This device provides a better interface for normal and abnormal situations.
  9. MCB is very sensitive and reliable than the fuse.
  10. It immediately indicates fault for preventing damages to connected appliances.
  11. Under the earth leakage, a miniature circuit breaker provides better protection.
  12. This device has a short tripping time.
  13. Users can easily handle and identify when it is tripped.

Disadvantages (or Cons) of MCB

  1. The cost of the MCB is more as compared to MCCB and fuse.
  2. Also, the distribution board’s cost is high than the rewireable fuse board.
  3. Sometimes, it can not properly work and protect against earth’s faults.
  4. It is only used for small current-carrying applications. For example, in In-home wiring protection, MCB is used.
  5. Auxiliary contact does not occur in the MCB circuit.

These 18 are the basic advantages and disadvantages of MCB over fuse. If you have any queries or points to add, you can comment below.

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