325+ Latest Electrical Engineering Projects for Final Year Students (Major)

Are you in the final year and looking for electrical engineering projects and ideas?

Let me tell you, this is the most challenging task I faced during my Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). Getting the right project idea to work on is not an easy job.

So, I can correlate whatever you are going through now.

In this article, I’m listing 325+ project ideas you can pick up right away as your final year project (both major and mini projects for electrical engineering).

Electrical and electronics engineering projects

Actually, I am sharing my experience, when it was time to choose an engineering project in the final year semester. I got more lists of the electrical and electronics engineering topics for the projects through online resources.

I was so confused. You might be the same situation right now.

To help you out of this, my friend Vishvas Prajapati and I are sharing the latest topmost 325+ electrical and power electronics-based project ideas.

Let’s look at them one-by-one.

325+ Topics for (EEE) Electrical Engineering Projects

The electrical and electronics projects deal with generation, design, control, automation, and integration with advanced technology.

These project ideas are based on the electrical power system, electronic application, instrumentation, control system, wireless communication technology, automation system and so on…

I’m categorizing these project topics into the different technology threads so that you can choose based on your interest.

1. Project-based on Electric Machine

The electrical machine project develops on the basis of the design, drive, control system…

  1. Stepper Motor Controller
  2. Speed Control of DC Motor
  3. PC based Speed Controlled DC Motor
  4. AC PWM Control for Induction Motor
  5. Predefined Speed Control of BLDC Motor
  6. Automatic Sensor Gate using Stepper Motor
  7. Single Phase Induction Motor Speed Control
  8. Thyristor Power Control of Induction Motor
  9. AC to DC with Four Quadrant Motor Operation
  10. Electronic Voting Machine with Seven Segment
  11. Smooth Start of a Single Phase Induction Motor
  12. Electronic Soft Start for 3 Phase Induction Motor
  13. Induction Motor Speed Control using TV Remote
  14. Speed Control of DC motor by Smart Voice Recognition
  15. Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries
  16. Touch Screen Based Security & Speed Control DC Motor
  17. Four Quadrant DC Motor Speed Control with Microcontroller
  18. Cellular Phone through Industrial DC Motor Speed Controlling System
  19. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control for Robotic Applications
  20. Induction Motor Protection System (Over Load Voltage or Current Strip)
  21. DC Motor Speed Control using Radio Frequency Suitable for Robotic Arm
  22. Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries using RF remote
  23. Bidirectional Rotation of Single Phase Induction Motor without Run Capacitor
  24. Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) or PMDC Speed Control by PWM with RPM Display
  25. Remote Induction Motor Control by Android Application with 7 Segment Display
  26. Four Quadrant Operation of DC Motor Remotely Controlled by Android Application
  27. Bidirectional Rotation of a DC or Stepper or Servo Motor with a Remote Control Device
  28. Automatic Star-Delta Starter Using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor

In most of these projects, the electrical motor is used as a piece of important equipment.

2. Project-based on Solar System

Now a day, renewable energy sources are very popular in generating and converting into another form of energy like electrical energy.

A solar PV system is the best example of renewable energy sources. You can easily develop a project base on the solar system.

There are some advantages to building projects. As solar energy is free to consume, it is economical. Solar energy is an environmentally pollution-free source of energy.

Sadly, solar system-related equipment is costly.

You can choose the best solar project from the following list of electrical engineering projects.

  1. Solar based Invertor
  2. Solar Tracking System
  3. Peltier Cooler using a solar panel
  4. Solar based Elevator System
  5. Solar based Auto Irrigation System
  6. Train with Solar Panel
  7. Solar based Power Charge Controller
  8. Solar based Dam control using 8051 microcontroller
  9. Optimal Power Generation using Solar System
  10. Solar based Water Irrigation using RF Remote Control
  11. Solar based Variable DC Power Switching using RF Remote
  12. Charge and Load Protection in Solar Power Management
  13. Solar Irrigation System with Soil and Temperature Sensor
  14. Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
  15. Farmer Friendly Solar Based Electric Fence for Deterring Cattles
  16. Solar Tracking System with Cooling Panel with Solar Charger
  17. Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off in Daytime
  18. RF Controlled Electric wheel Chair with IR Obstacle using Solar Energy
  19. Solar based Electric Wheel Chair with IR Obstacle with RF Remote
  20. Auto Power Supply Control from Three Different Sources ( Solar, Mains, Battery)
  21. Solar Water Pump Control with Four Different Time Slots for Power Saving Applications
  22. IR or RF Remote Control (Bulb, Tubelights, Fan, TV) using Solar System
  23. Solar Energy Measurement System Conveyed over RF using a PIC Microcontroller

Personally, I picked An Automatic Solar tracking system using Microcontroller as a major project during post-graduation.

3. Project-based on Electronic System

These projects include the collection of some power electronics project ideas along with different electronics applications and different updated technology like embedded systems, Arduino, Microcontroller, etc.

  1. Hover Board
  2. Electronics Power Saver
  3. Cyclo Converter using Thyristors
  4. Four-Channel Data Logger using EEPROM
  5. Electronics Code Look using Matrix Keypad
  6. Marx Generator based High Voltage using MOSFETs
  7. Home Appliances Controlling using Android Mobile via Bluetooth
  8. Embedded Quiz Monitoring System for Team Performance Evaluation
  9. Temperature Adjustable Heating System with Power Electronic Devices
  10. High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit

The microcontroller-based project topics are shared later part of this article. Keep reading.

4. Project-based on Electrical Power System

In the electrical power system environment, generation, transmission, and distribution, switchgear protection systems such as switches, protective equipment (like a fuse and circuit breaker), isolator, relay, transformer, etc the most important and essential topics.

  1. Password-Based Circuit Beaker
  2. Commercial Power Saver System
  3. Channel Relay Operated using PC
  4. Three Phase Change Over System
  5. Foot Step Power Generation System
  6. Super-fast Electronic Circuit Breaker
  7. Flexible AC Transmission using TSR
  8. Flexible AC Transmission Using SVC
  9. AC Power Transfer Wirelessly by HF
  10. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  11. Power Grid Monitor and Control through PC
  12. Transformer Monitoring and Control System
  13. Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supply
  14. Electronic Soft Start for Single Phase Pump Motor
  15. Electronic Soft Start for 3 Phase Induction Motor
  16. Instant Electrical Load Survey for Industries or Home
  17. Single Phase Preventer with Overload Control Switch
  18. Load Cut off Switch Upon Over Voltage or Under Voltage
  19. Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department
  20. Mains Supply Sensed Over Voltage or Under Voltage Trip Switch
  21. Password-based Electronic Line Trip in GEB with all Indication
  22. Transformer Over Load Alert System With Voice Announcement
  23. Footstep Power Generation System (Weighing Machine based )
  24. Auto Selection of any Available Phase, in 3 Phase Supply System
  25. Zig Bee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System
  26. Remote Monitoring of Transformer or Generator Health Over the Internet
  27. Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics
  28. Grid Synchronization Fail Detection on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Range
  29. XBEE based Remote Monitoring of Three Parameters on Transformer or Generator Health
  30. APFC (Automatic Power Factor Compensation) for Industrial Power use to Minimize Penalty
  31. Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise
  32. High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier Circuit

You can use a smart system like wireless communication, remote control system as a part of the innovation to operate wireless power transmission projects.

5. Project-based on the Control System and MicroController

In the following list, the projects are built with the help of the control system and microcontroller.

By using the basic Control System:

  1. Traffic Light Controller using LCD
  2. Traffic Light Controller Using Seven Segment
  3. Contactless Liquid Level Controller
  4. Access Control System Using Card
  5. PC Based Electrical Load Control
  6. Lamp Illumination Control with Precision
  7. Temperature Controlled DC Fan
  8. Servo Motor Control Using Mobile Phone
  9. Brain Controlled Robot
  10. Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion
  11. Brain Controlled Wheel Chair
  12. CAR Controlling using Mobile
  13. Voice Controlled Home Appliances
  14. Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm
  15. LED Street Light Control with Power Saver
  16. Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  17. AC Power Strength Controller System
  18. Capacitive Touch-based Electric Load Control
  19. AC Power Control with Programmable Interface
  20. Phone Controlled-Load Management System
  21. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller for Ambulance
  22. PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board
  23. Exhaust Fan for Bidirectional Motion with Remote Control
  24. AC PWM based Power Control by IGBT / MOSFET
  25. Any Type of Liquid Level Controller using Ultrasonic Transducer
  26. Human Controlled Colour Changing LED (RGB) Lighting
  27. Automatic LED Intensity Control with Vehicle Movement
  28. Voice Controlled Robot by Cell Phone with Android App
  29. I.V.R.S. System for Industrial Process Control
  30. Pick and Place Robotic Arm and Movement Control
  31. Intelligent Train Security System and Auto Controlling
  32. Battery Operated Motorized Wheel Chair for Handicaps
  33. Submersible Pump Controlling with Power Failure Protection
  34. Android Controlled Military Spying and Bomb Disposal Robot
  35. PC Mouse operated Electrical Load Control Using VB Application
  36. Reducing Electric Bill for Industries and Commercial Establishments
  37. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Long Distance Speech Recognition
  38. Thermoelectric PELTIER Cooler with Temperature Controller Cooler System
  39. Submersible Pump Controlling using Cell phone With Power Failure Protection
  40. High Power LED-based Intelligent Streetlight Controlling System with Vehicle Counter
  41. Submersible Pump Controlling with Temperature Controlling with Power Failure Protection
  42. Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work (Pick & place)

By using the Microcontroller: 

  1. Microcontroller based on Data Logger
  2. Multiple Microcontrollers in LAN like Setup
  3. Microcontroller based on Heart Beat Counter
  4. Microcontroller based on Caller ID (AT89C2051)
  5. Mains Fail Detection with UPS Analogy using 8051 Microcontroller
  6. Microcontroller based on Electronics Baby Swing
  7. Microcontroller based on Green House Control
  8. Power Theft Detection using 8051 Microcontroller
  9. Microcontroller based on Line Following Robotic Vehicle
  10. Microcontroller based on Dam Control with LCD Display
  11. Ultrafast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker Using PIC Microcontroller
  12. Microcontroller based Voice Operated Load Status with GSM
  13. Microcontroller based on Cordless Mouse Features by TV Remote

6. Project-based on the Communication System

The latest wireless communication system and remote control system-based electrical engineering projects have been listed here.

By using the Bluetooth System:

  1. Bluetooth Operated Home Automation
  2. Bluetooth based Calling System in Elevator
  3. Advanced Wireless Industrial Automation System based on Bluetooth
  4. Bluetooth Controlled the Robot using Android Mobile
  5. Bluetooth based Security Enabled Powered Devices Control System

By using the Infrared (IR) Sensor:

  1. IR Sensor-based Automatic Toll Tax
  2. Energy Saver using PIR motion Sensor
  3. IR Remote operated Pick and Place Robot
  4. Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor
  5. IR Remote based Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  6. IR Remote based Operated Home Automation
  7. Multi-Sensor Strategies to Support Blind People (LDR – IR – ultrasonic )
  8. IR Remote based Submersible Pump Controlling with UPS System for Power Failure

By using the Radio Frequency (RF) System:

  1. RF Remote based Door Control
  2. RF-ID based Library Automation
  3. RF-based Elevator Calling System
  4. RF-ID based Access Control System
  5. RF-based Automatic Hover Board Machine
  6. Auto Mains Power Failure using the RF system
  7. Variable DC Power Switching using RF Remote
  8. Direction Control of DC motor using RF Remote
  9. RF-ID based Highway Toll Tax Collection System
  10. RF Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot Project
  11. RF-based Petrochemical Fire Monitoring and Control Station
  12. Remote Monitoring of Patient Body Temperature Over Internet
  13. Wireless Home Appliance like Fan Speed Control using RF Communication
  14. Automatic Electrical Appliances Control Using RF Remote with Power Saver
  15. RF-ID based Electronic Passport System for Easy Governance using Arduino
  16. Submersible Pump Controlling using RF Remote with UPS System for Power Failure
  17. Security Integrated System based on RF-ID Access Protocol for Industrial Applications
  18. Industrial and Commercial Appliances Monitoring and RF Controlling with Power Saver

By using SMS System:

  1. Electronic Code Lock with Voice Message
  2. Sensor Gate Operated with Voice Message
  3. SMS Based Stepper Motor Controlling System
  4. Pre Recorded Leave Messages with Basic Home Appliances Load for Emergency
  5. Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through SMS by the Station Master or the Driver
  6. Theft Intimation of the Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely

By using the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) System:

  1. Automatic Power Saver with GSM
  2. UPS System with Alert by GSM Modem
  3. Heart Beat Counter using GSM SIM300
  4. Process Control System using GSM
  5. Vehicle Protection System with GSM
  6. Voice-based Notice Board using GSM
  7. Medical Emergency Alert system through GSM
  8. Weather Report Information System using GSM
  9. Power Meter Reader Plus Load Control using GSM
  10. GSM based Monthly Energy Meter Billing via SMS
  11. Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM
  12. SMS based Device Control using GSM Modem
  13. Submersible Pump Controlling using GSM Modem
  14. Water Level Measurement through GSM SIM300
  15. Remote Access to Agriculture Motor through GSM
  16. Automatic Load Switching of Transformer using GSM
  17. Vehicle Accident Detection with GPS and GSM Modem
  18. Power Grid Monitor & Control System using GSM Modem
  19. Underground Cable Fault Distance Conveyed over GSM
  20. GSM based Garbage and Waste Collection Bins Overflow Indicator
  21. Data Communication or Machine Controlling through GSM System
  22. SMS based Device Control using GSM Modem with Status Message
  23. Personal Computer High Security using GSM with an Alert Message
  24. GSM Modems based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates
  25. Green House Environment Monitoring and Controlling using GSM
  26. Public Transportation Management through GSM for GSRTC
  27. Cell Phone based Boiler ON or OFF System using GSM Modem
  28. Control System for Modern House-GSM, Timer, LDR, Temperature
  29. GSM based Remote Monitoring of Eight Parameters of Transformer
  30. Power Theft, Mains Fail Monitoring and Load Control using GSM
  31. Robotic Car Operated by GSM Modem(any remote location)
  32. An Online Monitoring System of Temperature and Controlling through GSM SMS
  33. Thermoelectric PELTIER Cooler with Temperature Controller using GSM Modem
  34. ON/OFF Program Time Changing for Electrical Appliances by Wireless(GSM) Method
  35. Industrial Appliances Monitoring and Controlling System Using GSM with Auto Alerts
  36. Detecting Power Theft Prior to Feeding Energy Meter and Intimating to Control Room by GSM
  37. Integrated Energy Management System based on GSM Protocol with Acknowledgement Feature
  38. AC Power Line (AC 230v) through All Industrial Electrical Appliances Controlling (ON or OFF) Indicating System by GSM

Other Wireless Communication System:

  1. WI-FI Operated Robot
  2. Wireless Power Transfer
  3. Wireless Elevator System
  4. Zig Bee based Wireless Notice Board
  5. Wireless Power Driven Car or Train
  6. Remote Alignment Of 3D Dish Positioning
  7. LI-FI base Guiding System in Historical Place
  8. Voice Recording (30 sec) with USB Mp3 Interfacing
  9. Zig Bee based Wireless Data Uploading Automation
  10. Listen Privately to TV Audio Wirelessly Over FM Band
  11. Wireless Power Transfer by High-Frequency Resonating Coils
  12. Wireless Touch Screen base Ordering System for Restaurants
  13. Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients
  14. Dedicated Message Communication Wirelessly between Two Computers

7. Project-Based on Security (Alarm) System

Here are some different project ideas you can develop for security and safety purposes.

  1. Baby Protecting Alarm
  2. Smart Helmet for Smart City
  3. Gas Detector with Alarm System
  4. Two Zone Home Security System
  5. Capacitive Touch Electric Switch
  6. Three Zone Home Security System
  7. Digital Clock using RTC with Alarm
  8. Fingerprint-based Security System
  9. Car Operating Panel (G+4) System
  10. Parking Availability Indication System
  11. Automated Elevator with Overload Alert
  12. Home Security System with High Alerts
  13. Auto Metro Train to Shuttle Between Stations
  14. Touch Screen based Industrial Load Switching
  15. Touch Screen based Security with Event Logging
  16. Railway Track Security System with IR Interfacing
  17. Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways
  18. Gas Leakage Detector and Auto Dialler Controller System
  19. Password-based Lock for Bike Security with the Ignition Key
  20. OverFlow Water Announcement in the River for People Safety
  21. Finger Print and Keypad based Industrial Security Access Control System
  22. Fully Automated Home Security System with Missed Call and Message Facility
  23. Networking of Multiple Street Junction Signals for Better Traffic Management

8. Project-based on Measuring Instruments

There are so many measuring instruments classified into different types.

Here are some electrical engineering project ideas if you are more interested in developing a project related to measuring instruments.

By using the Meter:

  1. Non-Contact Tachometer
  2. Digital Auto (Rickshaw) Meter
  3. Data Logger for Energy Meter with Readings
  4. Milk or Petrol Flow Meter with Thermal Printer
  5. Milk or Petrol Flow Meter with Data Backup System
  6. Accelerometer-based Wheel Chair Controlling
  7. Accelerometer-based Automatic Hover Board Machine
  8. Device Load Monitor With Programmable Meter For Energy Audit
  9. Accelerometer-based Digital Vocaliser for Deaf and Dumb People

By using the Display:

  1. Moving Message Display on LCD
  2. Water Level Indicator on LCD
  3. Electronic Voting Machine with LCD
  4. 3 Phase Sequence Checker by LED Indication
  5. Scrolling LED-based Lending Operating Panel
  6. LED Lamp Dimmer Circuit
  7. Rolling Display using LEDs Matrix
  8. Virtual Display of Message by Propeller Driven LEDs
  9. LDR based Power Saver for Intensity Controlled Street Light
  10. Automatic LED Intensity Control with Human Movement
  11. Wireless Rolling Display using LEDs Matrix
  12. Street Light LED Energy Saver with Vehicle Movement
  13. Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator
  14. Automatic Car Parking Indicator System
  15. LCD based College notice board
  16. Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level Indicator
  17. Moving Message Display On LCD with Hyper Terminal
  18. Remote AC Power Control by Android Application with LCD Display

The multiple types of displays are used in the above electrical projects list.

9. Project-based on Automation System

In an earlier article, I shared 50 Project Ideas on Automation (PLC, SCADA, and HMI) for EEE. Now, we are sharing an electronic application-based automation system project.

  1. Working Model of Elevator
  2. Touch Screen based Elevator
  3. Power Efficient Elevator System
  4. Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
  5. IoT based Elevator Fault Detection
  6. Public Garden Automation System
  7. Automatic Body Size Measurement
  8. Home Automation using Cell Phone
  9. Touch Screen based Home Automation system
  10. Home Automation by Smart Voice Recognition
  11. Long Range Spy Robot with Obstacle Detection
  12. Zig Bee based Automatic Meter Reading System
  13. Home Automation through P.C. with Power Saver
  14. Fire Fighter Robotic Vehicle with Night Vision Camera
  15. Train Automation using IR with Voice Announcement
  16. Industry Process Automation using Programmable Switching
  17. Speech Recognition based Wheel Chair with Elevated Features

You can use PLC and relay controller in the automation project.

10. Project-Based on Timer and Counter

Let’s see the Project ideas related to the clock pulse and digital electronic counting system.

  1. Street Light Timer and Controller
  2. Timing Based Automatic Fountain
  3. RTC Timing Based Automatic Fountain
  4. Automatic Pulse Counter Display on LCD
  5. Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Power Saver
  6. Time Delay Based Relay Operated Load – Auto timer
  7. Entry-Exit Counter Cum Electrical Load Management
  8. Auto Sensor Gate Control System with Visitor Counter
  9. Life Cycle Testing of Electrical Loads by Down Counter
  10. Real-Time Clock Based LED Street Light Automation Using RTC and I2C Protocol

11. Project-based on Mobile and Android Application

The list of wireless communication projects can operate or control by using a smartphone android application.

  1. Mobile Operated Pick and Place Robot
  2. Water Irrigation using mobile for Farmer
  3. Android Controlled Robotic ARM Project
  4. Android Mobile-based Automatic Hover Board Machine
  5. Railway Level Crossing Gate Operation Remotely by Android
  6. Cell Phone based DTMF Controlled Garage Door Opening System
  7. Metal Detector Robotic Vehicle Operated by Android Application
  8. Remote Alignment of 3D Dish Positioning by Android Application
  9. Cell Phone Operated Home Automation System using DATA CALL Facility
  10. Home Automation under Wi-Fi through Android Apps from any SmartPhone
  11. Pick and Place Robotic Arm And Movement Controlled by Android Wirelessly
  12. Smart Phone Controlled Traffic Signal Override with Density Sensing System

Note: If you are not aware of the Android app development, it will be more challenging for you to work on these project ideas.

Do you need any help with Building Your Project?

Now, you are clear about the top and latest electrical project ideas for electrical and electronics engineering students.

Are you still finding it difficult to choose the project ideas for you? Or do you need any help with your EEE project?

I would like to help you. Feel free to drop me a message or comment below.

These project ideas for an electrical project for diploma and degree are listed by Vishvas Prajapati and curated by Dipali Chaudhari.

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