5 Best Pulse Oximeter in India for Home Use | Covid-19

Right now, we are going through a very tough time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this critical situation, you need to take care of yourself and your family members.

We are getting into the new normal like wearing the mask, following social distance, carefully sanitizing hands and whatnot. These are the safety precautions we are getting habitat too.

Do you think, you are 100% safe?

Sadly, No.

Even following these precautions, we cannot ensure not getting infected with the Corona.

Moreover, there is no vaccine available.

Situation in the hospital is getting worst as number of cases increasing every day.

Going to the hospital for mild symptoms is also not advisable. I have seen many of the people are home quarantined and getting healed from Corona infection.

At the same time, if you have any sign of cold, temperature and any other symptoms, beside taking precaustion you have to keep inspecting and monitring your health.

Basically, Corona virus enters through the respiratory system, causes direct injury to our lungs and then the person’s oxygen level decreases.

By monitoring the oxygen level in our body, we can catch the Covid-19 at early stage.

This is where the Oximeter, a small and portable device is helpful. You can measure the oxygen level in our blood by using Pulse Oximeter in India for home use.

If you have any symptoms or illness, keep measuring your oxygen level. If the oxygen levels 90%-92% and above, you don’t need to worry. It is advisable to take the medical evaluation if the oxygen level constantly drops below the threshold.

In this difficult time, having Oximeter at home can be very much useful. It s easy to operate and does not cost you much.

Let’s see what is the Oximeter in medical terms.

What is a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse oximeter is a digital electronic device to test patient chronic breathing and heart condition.

A pulse oximeter is an instrument that tests and measures the level of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate.

This pulse oximeter works based on the touch sensor that places on a thin part of the patient’s body, usually a fingertip.

Pulse Oximeter for home use

And good things that, it is very easy to handle at your home, convenient, noninvasive, and inexpensive in cost. Thus, it is a very essential tool that you should have it at your home.

Best Pulse Oximeter in India for Home Use

Here, I am introducing top 5 handheld pulse oximeter made in India in detail.

1. DR VAKU Pulse Oximeter Finger Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor FDA CE Approved | Make in India (Blue)

DR VAKU Pulse Oximeter

Features of DR VAKU Pulse Oximeter:

  • Dr Vaku pulse oximeter measures the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels quickly and accurately. 
  • It is compact in size, lightweight and portable device.
  • It is a very sensitive device that operates at a single touch.
  • This device has low energy consumption and continuously operates for more than 20 hours.
  • This oximeter detects accurate reading on the LED rotatable multidirectional display.
  • DR VAKU Pulse Oximeter automatically powers off after 10 seconds in inactivity mode.

Amazon Rating: 4/5 (2,273 Ratings)

You can check the price of it on Amazon by clicking on below button.

2. Dr Trust Signature Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm 

Features of Dr Trust Pulse Oximeter:

  • Dr Trust pulse oximeter measures quickly and accurately the pulse rate and arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). 
  • At emergency or intensive care, it is helpful to record SpO2 and pulse rate.
  • It is a compact and painless device that easy to apply on thin body parts like a fingertip.
  • This is very comfortable to use without taking a blood sample from an artery.
  • It provides a buzzer alarm sound system.
  • It is a lightweight and portable device.
  • This Dr Trust oximeter displays your result on a rotatable multidirectional OLED display.

Amazon Rating: 4.2/5 (2,054 Ratings)

Based on the Amazon rating, this is most trusted brand in Oximeter.

3. MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Dual Color OLED Display Blood Oxygen Monitor with Alarm Feature with Perfusion Index – PI Index and Respiratory Rate (Black Color)

Features of MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter:

  • MEDITIVE pulse oximeter determines your blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), pulse rate, and respiratory rate (RR) fastly and accurately.
  • It works as a 4 in 1 detector to display blood oxygen SPO2 value, pulse rate value, blood oxygen bar graph, pulse waveform graph, perfusion index, respiratory rate (RR).
  • Because of its compact size, lightweight, it is very portable.
  • It operates on auto power On and Off modes.
  • It works with a buzzer alarm system.
  • This oximeter detects accurate reading on a large digital OLED display.

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5 ( 813 Ratings)

4. Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Features of Newnik Fingertip Pulse Oximeter:

  • Newnik pulse oximeter accurately tests your blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), and pulse strength.
  • It is small in size and the portable device.
  • It works with a buzzer system with sound and blink.
  • With the dual-color OLED display, you can easily take the measurement.
  • It operates on auto power On and Off modes.

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5 ( 813 Ratings)

5. AmbiTech High Accuracy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with OLED Display (Made in India-Black)

Features of AmbiTech Fingertip Pulse Oximeter:

  • AmbiTech pulse oximeter provides high accuracy to detect oxygen concentration (SpO2) in the blood range 35 – 100% (accuracy: +/- 2%) and pulse rate range 25 – 250 bpm (accuracy: +/- 2bpm).
  • This oximeter designs with small in size and portable.
  • It contains high brightness OLEDs display with an adjustable two-directional display.
  • It has a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

Amazon Rating: 3.8/5 (430 Ratings)

This is all about the best Pulse Oximeter in India for home use.

Looking at the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, it is essential to have this tiny and small sensing device at your home. Regularly measuring the Oxygen level of yours and your family members, you can avoid any medical emergency.

At last, Health is Wealth!

Take Care!

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