7 Difference between Slip Ring and Split Ring in Tabular Form

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In an earlier article, we have learned the difference between slip ring and squirrel cage of induction motor.

Here, in this article, we are going to study the difference between slip ring and split ring. This is a very basic question asked by the interviewer in an interview or viva.

And also one of the readers asked me the same question in the post comment. So, I thought of answering it. I will try to cover all the basic specifications of both rings.

Let’s compare each point one by one,

Slip Ring vs Split Ring [in Tabular form]

#ContentSlip RingSplit Ring
1[Definition] What is a slip ring & a split ring?The electromechanical device that is used to transfer the electrical energy (in the form of current) across the moving interfaces or device (like as a rotor) is called as a ‘Slip Ring’. The electromechanical device that is used to reverse the direction of current is called as a ‘Split Ring’.
2Slip & Split rings are also known asIn other words, the slip ring is known as ‘Collector ring’, ‘Rotary electrical interface’, ‘Electrical rotary joints’, ‘Rotating electrical connector’, and ‘Swivel’.The split ring is known as ‘Circle cotter’, ‘Cotter ring’. And also known as a ‘Commutator’.
3What is the role of the slip & split rings?The main function of the slip ring device is to transfer the electric signal or data between stationary (i.e. stator) and rotary (i.e. rotor) parts. The main function of the split ring device is to change the direction of current at a specific (i.e. half circular form) rotation part.
4Construction of slip & split ringsIt looks like a continuous or complete circular ring form. It looks likes a split or half-circular ring form.
5 Where do we use slip & split rings?The slip ring is used in the AC motor and generator.The split ring is used in the DC motor and generator.
6Working functionThis ring is used for forwarding and reversing polarities of current. This ring is used only for reversing the polarity of the current.
7Use of slip & split rings
This device is widely used for supplying the continuous input voltage in induction motor and synchronous motor.This device is widely used for supplying the pulsating input voltage in dynamo and universal motors.

The above comparison has covered all the basic differences of slip ring vs split ring (or commutator). If you have any queries regarding both rings, ask below in the comment.

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