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About the Author

Hi. I am Dipali Chaudhari, completed my master in Electrical Power System. I have been also working on PLC programming and MATLAB.

In the world, I see a lot of talks about computer science and computer programming, unfortunately, not much on PLC and MATLAB programming. By sharing my knowledge and curating these tutorials, it is satisfying for me to give that power back to the electrical engineers.

Genuinely, this website is for both you and me. For you, you can find useful tutorials on PLC programming and MATLAB. For me, it is one way of learning, doing research, connecting anode and cathode and then sharing my thoughts with you.

If you have any feedback or if you need any assistance for your project, I would be more happy to hear from you.

Please drop me a message at dipali.cd@gmail.com

Excellent Electrical, Electronics, Automation Engineer

Girish Shah Testimony

Dipali is excellent electrical, electronics, automation engineer. She is very brilliant and she knows her subjects very well. Her fundamental in electrical, electronics , automation, PLC etc are very clear.

Girish Shah
Retired HOD Electrical of Mundra Port (Adani group), Sr. Manager Electrical of Elecon, Gujarat and Executive of Thyseen Krupp, Pune

Tutorials are Nicely Curated and Knowledgeable

Dipali, I wrote first JEE in 1961 & graduated in Electronic engineering. More of physics, amplifiers, Oscillators. Was into the power sector in my business career.

Now relearning modern things. First time I am seeing your site. Your tutorials are very nicely curated. Your knowledge and command of subjects are more promising.

Will be asking more questions in due course.  I am 75 years old student now.


Helpful blog ever for Automation Programming

punit darji testimony

Helpful blog ever. I must say this blog should starting point of students or who are new in automation programming.

I really refer DipsLab blog.

Punit Darji
Founder Rapid SafeGaurd