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  • What are the specialized fields of electrical engineering?
  • Which stream is best for electrical engineering?

I have completed my master’s graduation in electrical power systems (EPS) specialization. Hopefully, I think that my experience will help to answer your queries.

Before going through the electrical specializations, let’s see the basic.

Basics of Electrical Engineering (EE) | Introduction

Electrical engineering is a core engineering field that deals with the study of the generation, distribution, storage, and conversion of electrical energy or power. Also, focus on the methodology of designing, developing, and maintaining electricity and installation of several electrical equipments.

Now, the course of electrical engineering is merged with some electronics engineering subjects. This branch is known as ‘Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)’. Both branches (i.e. EE and EEE) seem very popular and similar. But, both have some differences. In an earlier article, we studied electrical and electronics engineering differences.

Electrical engineering comes with a wide range of topics such as electrical machines, power generation and distribution, controls and instrumentation, power electronics, power systems operation and control, signal processing, analog and digital system, and many more.

Here is a listing of electrical streams or fields that explore knowledge and good career opportunities.

Best Branch of Electrical Engineering | Specializations

Let’s dive into several technical branches,

1. Power System

Electrical power system comes with the power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical power. It includes the designing and monitoring of power plants, substations, power grids, and power devices (for example- transformers, generators, motors, etc.).

2. Control System

This system focuses on the study of controlling, monitoring and automating the behavior of electrical machines and various processes with the help of feedback mechanisms and other controlling components.

Micro-controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), digital signal processors, sensors, actuators, etc. are performing the desired role as per the command.

3. Power Electronics

Power electronics or the Electronics field deals with a focus on semiconductor devices, analog and digital electronics, microprocessors & microcontrollers, embedded systems, digital electronics, communication, and signal processing.

This field involves the study of electricity (especially the flow of electrons) and electromagnetism theory. Also, study of the design and development of electronic components, circuits, and devices (such as transistors, microcontrollers, and integrated circuits (IC)).

4. Electronics and Telecommunication System

Electronics and telecommunication field study the design and optimization of systems for transmitting and receiving data (or information) through communication protocols or optical fibers.

It involves electronics systems, circuits, and components that are used in digital electronics, telecommunications networks, wireless communication technologies, etc.

5. Signal Processing

Signal Processing deals with study of analyzing, and interpreting signals for various applications to take out useful information. In this processing, different applications find in audio signals, video signals, images, and more.

6. Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) is the subfield of signal processing. DSP deals with the study of the processing of digital signals using algorithms to perform a wide variety of signal-processing operations.

Digital signal processing applications include audio coding, video coding, image compression, data compression, sonar, radar, and many more.

Thus, the above electrical branches are diverse that have a crucial role in different core industries.

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Based on these different advancing technologies, different specializations (such as embedded systems, renewable energy, robotics and automation, microelectronics, and VLSI) have emerged in electrical engineering. It helps to improve the quality and full fill the requirements.

These core specializations offer good career opportunities and contributions for electrical engineers in different industries such as power generation, industrial automation, robotics, telecommunication, electronics, aerospace, etc.

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