14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Motor | Three Phase & Single Phase

In this article, we are going to study the advantages and disadvantages of three phase and single phase of induction motor over synchronous motor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Induction Motor

Let’s dive into the basic merits and demerits of asynchronous (i.e. induction) motors.

Advantages (Pros) of Induction Motor

  1. The construction of the induction motor is relatively easy over the synchronous motor.
  2. Three-phase induction motor does not require a DC excitation. Thus, it works as a single excited machine.
  3. The main advantage of the induction motor (3-phase induction motor) has self-starting torque.
  4. For starting induction motors, only the stator has a power supply.
  5. The cost of an induction motor is less than a synchronous motor.
  6. The squirrel cage induction motor has more efficiency.
  7. Minimum maintenance is required for the induction motor than the synchronous motor.
  8. There is no require an excitation system to start the motor.
  9. The three-phase induction motor has a high overload capacity.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Induction Motor

  1. The three-phase of the induction motor requires constant speed.
  2. Due to the constant speed of the induction motor, speed control is very difficult to maintain.
  3. In three phase induction motor, speed can not be easily controlled and changed. By using the external circuit in the rotor circuit, you can control speed (especially, in the slip ring induction motor).
  4. The induction motor operates only at a lagging power factor.
  5. The sensitivity of this motor torque is very high.

Further details study: Pros and Cons of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

These are crucial advantages and disadvantages of induction motors compared to DC motors and synchronous motors.

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