Different Types of Distribution System | Classification

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The distribution system is one of the fundamental parts of the power system. This system helps to deliver the desired power supply from substations to consumers.

In an earlier article, we studied the distribution and transmission systems comparisons with all basic concepts.

In this article, I am listing down the different types of distribution system.

What are the Types of Distribution System?

According to the study, there are different kinds of distribution systems that are constructed and used.

Check out the complete video where we have elaborated on the distribution system in detail.

Keep scrolling through the list of classification of distribution system.

Based on the Power Line Construction

  1. Overhead distribution system
  2. Underground distribution system

Widely, the overhead system is used over the underground system. For further detail, read the overhead and underground systems difference.

Based on the Network Connection

  1. Radial distribution system
  2. Ring or Loop distribution system
  3. Interconnected distribution system

An interconnected distribution system increases the reliability of the power supply with minimum losses and gives more efficiency as compared to the radial and ring systems.

Based on the Nature of Electric Current

  1. AC distribution system
  2. DC distribution system

From these distribution systems, the AC distribution system is mostly used over the DC distribution system. You can read the basic concepts of AC system vs DC system.

Based on the Wire or Conductor

  1. Two-wire DC connection of distribution system
  2. Two-wire AC connection of distribution system
  3. Three-wire DC connection of distribution system
  4. Three-wire (delta) AC connection of distribution system
  5. Four-wire (star) AC connection of distribution system

Based on Power Service

  1. Domestic Power
  2. Commercial Power (like street lighting, railway line, etc )
  3. Industrial Power

I have listed down the different types of distribution systems. Any question? You can comment below.

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