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Top 10 Difference between MCB and MCCB | Similarities | Brands

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Are you confused between MCB and MCCB?

Actually most of the time, electrical students get confused in MCB and MCCB. Both are circuit breakers that means their same working function is to protect the power circuit or system.

If MCB and MCCB work the same, why it is used with two different namings?

In this tutorial, I am describing- what is the main difference between the MCB and MCCB?

Let’s start…

Difference between MCB and MCCB [In Tubular Form]

Here is the difference between these two circuit breakers according to their specification.

# Content MCB  MCCB
01 What is MCB & MCCB? MCB is known as Miniature Circuit Breaker. MCCB is known as Moulded Case Circuit Breaker.
02 Current Capacity MCB has low carrying current capacities i.e. up to 63A. MCCB has high carrying current capacities than the MCB. It has a capacity in a range from 100A to 1kA.
03 Trip Circuit In this MCB, the trip level circuit occurs in fixed conditions.  In this MCCB, the trip level circuit occurs in variable conditions.
04 Breaking Capacity It has a range of a current breaking capacity up to 10kA. It has a range of a current breaking capacity from 10k to 100kA.
05 Size It occurs in a small size. It occurs in large sizes as compared to the MCB.
06 Economical It is cheaper in cost. It is a little bit costlier than MCB.
07 Auxiliary Contact Auxiliary contact does not occur in the MCB circuit. It occurs in the MCCB circuit. For example, you can connect the alarm circuit.
08 Used It is used for small current carrying applications like residential purposes.

For example, In-home wiring protection, MCB is used.

It is used for large current carrying applications for commercial or industrial purposes.

For example, In Motor protection, MCCB is used.

09 Advantages MCB is used only for the overheating, short circuit and overload conditions. MCCB is used for the short circuit current conditions, overload conditions, earth fault protection, under frequency protection, and many more purposes.
10 Features The main feature of the MCB is to protect the power circuit from short circuit and overload conditions.  The main feature of the MCCB is to protect the power circuit and to make extra auxiliary contact for the shunt tripping condition.

So, it gives more features as compare to MCB.

Similarity between MCB and MCCB

Let’s see the similarities between both MCB and MCCB.

  1. Both devices commonly work as protective devices like a breaker.
  2. Both can be operated automatically or manually for the ON/OFF condition.
  3. These two circuit breakers are mostly used in low tension or low voltage circuit.
  4. These breakers sense and protect the power circuit from the overcurrent or short circuit condition.
  5. Both breakers require the same installation and maintenance.

Topmost MCB and MCCB Brands Used

Many of the topmost electrical companies are manufacturing different switchgear protection devices like a relay, circuit breaker, and fuse.

Here, I am looking for the topmost company brands in India where the companies manufacture branded MCB and MCCB.

  1. Siemens
  2. Legrand
  3. L & T
  4. GE
  5. Havells
  6. Hager
  7. LifeGuard
  8. Bitcorp
  9. Schneider Electric
  10. India Limited
  11. Mitsubishi Switchgear
  13. Anchor Electricals Private Limited

I have covered all different points to distinguish Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB).

And also I described both similarities and useful topmost brands where MCB and MCCB are manufactured.

If you any queries regarding this tutorial, you can freely hit the comment below.

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