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In our surroundings, we can easily see the different overhead power transmission lines. Everyone knows that transmission lines have a basic role in transferring electric power from generating source to the destination.

This power transferring is one of the very suitable and beneficial systems to pass the electricity from generating stations (or power plants) to the consumers or other loads. For the underground cables and overhead lines, different types of transmission systems are required.

In this post, I am listing different types of power transmission systems (or connections) used to transfer electricity.

Power SystemClassification of Power TransmissionConnections Requirement
D.C. SystemD.C. systemD.C. two-wire
D.C. two-wire with earthed
D.C. three-wire
A.C. System Single-phase A.C. systemSingle-phase two-wire
Single-phase two-wire with earthed
Single-phase three-wire
Two-phase A.C. systemTwo-phase three-wire
Two-phase four-wire
Three-phase A.C. systemThree-phase three-wire
Three-phase four-wire

From the above A.C. and D.C. power systems, it is clear that both have important roles for different power transferring requirements or operations.

Let’s dive into some basic points to identify which system is beneficial.

  • As compared to the AC system, the DC power system is very economical as less conducting and insulating materials are required.
    But, DC system is not suitable for long-distance power transmission as you can come across finding more technical difficulties, maintenance, and more requirement of components.
  • If the A.C. power system is adopted, more efficiently and conveniently power can be transferred for long and short distances.
    Also, it is economical and more beneficial compared to the D.C. system.

From the above points, we can conclude that this A.C. (three-phase and single-phase) power is very economical and beneficial over the D.C. system.

If you want to clear the basic concept, you should study here AC vs DC power transmissions.

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