Components of Overhead Lines in Transmission & Distribution

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The overhead power lines are installed for the transmission of electricity so that it can efficiently transfer the power from generation to the consumers’ end.

For this installation, we requires plenty of electrical equipment’s to transmit or distribute the power at households or industries.

In this post, we are going to study what are the main components of overhead lines.

What are the different components of overhead lines?

Based on the mechanical and electrical strength, the basic components are listed for overhead transmission and distribution networks.

  1. Conductor
  2. Electrical Insulator
  3. Tower or Pole
  4. Fuse
  5. Lightning Arrester
  6. Cross Arm and Clamp
  7. Guys and Stays
  8. Isolating Switch
  9. Earth Wire
  10. Guard Wire
  11. Vee Guard
  12. Bird Guard
  13. Barbed Wire
  14. Spacer
  15. Jumper
  16. Hamper
  17. Vibration Damper
  18. Phase Plate
  19. Danger Plate

These main components of overhead lines are very essential and have salient features and functions. Some of this equipment provide protection over the hazard conditions or weather effects.

Do you know any other component that I missed in the list of different equipments of overhead lines. Let me know in the comment section.

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