13 Difference between Indoor Switchgear and Outdoor Switchgear | Specifications

In an earlier article, we studied the electrical switchgear with its types. Here, I am describing the difference between indoor switchgear and outdoor switchgear.

Basically, both (indoor switchgear and outdoor switchgear) have significant functions like controlling, operating, and protecting the connected electrical systems or circuits.

But, these have different specifications such as design, construction, power rating, uses, and many more.

let’s compare both switchgears with the basic specifications in tabular form.

Comparison of Indoor Switchgear and Outdoor Switchgear

#ContentIndoor SwitchgearOutdoor Switchgear
01Design of indoor & outdoor switchgearsThe indoor switchgear finds in a compact size. The outdoor switchgear finds in bulky size as compared to the indoor switchgear.
02LocationsIt places inside the building or enclosed spaces.It places outside the building or in open spaces.
03Designing structureFor the indoor switchgear, metallic or non-metallic enclosures are used.For the outdoor switchgear, robust and weather-resistant materials enclosures are used.
04MaintenanceMaintenance of indoor switchgear is very easy.Maintenance of outdoor switchgear is more challenging.
05Installation requirementLess space is required for installation.Plenty of space is required for installation.
06ProtectionIt does not require external weather protection.It requires external weather protection.
07Cooling SystemAn external cooling system (for example- Fan, or AC) is used for safety regulations and ventilation.Only natural ventilation is work as a cooling system in outdoor switchgear.
08Voltage CapabilitiesIt has the capability to work for low voltage (LV) or medium voltage (MV). It has the capability to work only for high voltage (HV) or extra high voltage (EHV).
09Voltage RangeThis switchgear installs up to the 66kV voltage level. For substations, residential and commercial environments, it is used. This switchgear installs for beyond the 66kV voltage level. For high-voltage transmission, substation, and industrial environments, it is used.
10Installation CostThe installation cost of indoor switchgear is low.The installation cost of outdoor switchgear is high.
11ModificationPost-installation, the modification is not possible or complicated.Post-installation, modification is possible or easy.
12SetupYou cannot easily visualize indoor switchgear components. You can easily visualize outdoor switchgear components.
(for the human being)
This type of switchgear is much safer. This type of switchgear is not much safer.

These 13 differences describe some advantages and disadvantages of indoor switchgear and outdoor switchgear.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding both switchgear, freely hit the comment given below.

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