Top 50 PLC based Automation Projects for Engineering Students

Are you looking for ideas for your college project?

Here I’m brainstorming you 50 ideas you can pick right away and start developing your project.

PLC based automation project

Why automation is so important when it comes to choosing your project?

Day-to-day, our lifestyle is becoming easy and revolutionary due to advanced technologies. In electronics and electrical, advanced technologies are used for automatically controlling, operating and maintaining the system.

Automation is one of the best technology. This automation is used to automatically operate the devices or applications in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

No doubt, looking at future opportunities, automation is one of the most beneficial topics for every engineering student to learn.

Not getting any ideas for automation projects?

No worries…

50 Project Ideas for  Electronics and Electrical Engineers on PLC based Automation

What are the different projects best based on automation?

My friend Vishvas Prajapati and I worked for a couple of days to list out some of the trending project ideas for automation.

Basically, you can project build these projects using PLC, SCADA, HMI, and VFD.

Here you go my favorite 50 project ideas based on automation.

PLC Project for Electronics and Electrical Engineers

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is mostly useful to monitor and control electronics and electrical system, automatically. It helps us to operate the device without effort.

Here are the topmost PLC project ideas.

  1. PLC Based on Energy Saving System
  2. PLC Based on Automatic Packing Machine
  3. PLC Based on Automatic Alarm System in Plant
  4. PLC Based on Automatic Multi-Channel Fire Alarm System
  5. PLC Based on Automatic Security Alarm System (for Home, Car, Office, Apartment, etc)
  6. PLC Based on Automatic Home Application Controlling System
  7. PLC Based on Automatic Traffic and Street Light Control System
  8. PLC Based on Automatic Arranging Bottle Filling System (Applications)
  9. PLC Based on Automatic Counting System (for Water Plant, Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical, etc)
  10. PLC Based on Automatic Industrial Timer Controller for Multiple Machines
  11. PLC Based on Automatic Timer Control System (for Motor, Pump, and Valve)
  12. PLC Based on Automatic Controlling of Parameters (Temperature, Level, Pressure, Flow, etc)
  13. PLC Based on Automatic Cement Making Process System
  14. PLC Based on Automatic  Mixing Applications System (Chocolate, Chemical Industries, etc)
  15. PLC Based on Automatic Dam Sutter Open or Close System
  16. PLC Based on Automatic A.C. Motor Controlling System
  17. PLC Based on Automatic Motor Speed Monitoring System
  18. PLC Based on Garden Irrigation System
  19. PLC Based on Agriculture Irrigation System
  20. PLC Based on Material Conveyor Control System
  21. PLC Based on Electrical Power Management System
  22. PLC Based on Motor Condition Monitoring of Induction Motor
  23. PLC Based on Induction Motor Over Current Protection system
  24. PLC Based on Induction Motor Controlling Using Touch Screen
  25. PLC Based on External Fault Protection System of Induction Motor
  26. PLC Based on Single Phase Line Monitoring and Controlling System
  27. PLC Based on Transformer Over or Under Voltage Protection System
  28. PLC Based on Humidity and CO2 Monitoring and Controlling System
  29. PLC Based on Multi-Channel Temperature Monitoring and Controlling System

If you are interested in learning PLC, check out my complete PLC programming tutorial. It’s completely free.

You might have heard the term SCADA along with the PLC.

You can integrate these two technologies to make some real use applications.

PLC and SCADA Project for Electronics and Electrical Engineers

Find the following list of project ideas based on the PLC and SCADA.

  1. PLC and SCADA based on Chemical Process System
  2. PLC and SCADA based on Bread Manufacturing System
  3. PLC and SCADA based on Butter Manufacturing System
  4. PLC and SCADA based on Milk Process Dairy Plant System
  5. PLC and SCADA based on Steel Pipe Manufacturing System
  6. PLC and SCADA based on Design House Monitoring System
  7. PLC and SCADA based on Coal Crushing and Conveyor System
  8. PLC and SCADA based on Temperature Controller of Oil System
  9. PLC and SCADA based on Glass Bottle Manufacturing Process System
  10. PLC and SCADA based on Automatic Control of Boiler Operating System
  11. PLC and SCADA based on Rubber Molded Product Manufacturing Process System

Automation Project for Electronic and Electrical Engineers

Are you interested in developing some complex projects?

Here are some of the challenging automation projects. You can pick these project ideas for your final year college project.

  1. Automation based on Hot Mixing Plant
  2. Automation based on Oil Process System
  3. Automation based on Batch Process Plant
  4. Automation based on Paper Making Process System
  5. Automation based on Manufacturing Aluminium Cans
  6. Automation based on Industrial Data Monitoring System
  7. Automation based on Plastic Manufacturing Process System
  8. Automation based on Paneer Manufacturing Process System
  9. Automation based on Cold Storage Monitoring and Control System
  10. Automation based on Speed Control of Motor Using the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive )

I’m sure you got a really ample list of an automation project.

In this article, I covered all the projects topic which is useful for educational projects. You can also implement these automation projects to solve your domestic, commercial or industrial problems.

If you are interested to learn mini and major electrical and electronic projects, let’s see the most challenging List of Electrical Engineering Projects.

Do you need any help for completing this project? I would like to help you. Feel free to drop me a message or comment below.

These project ideas for electronics and electrical engineering are listed by Vishvas Prajapati and curated by Dipali Chaudhari.

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