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As a part of the series on different power plants, we have studied the pros and cons of-

Here, I am explaining the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plant comparing to the thermal, hydroelectric, and diesel power plants.

Advantages of Nuclear Power Plant

  1. The nuclear power plant is one of the reliable power generation source.
  2. For the bulk power generation, this power plant is very beneficial and economical.
  3. It can be placed or installed anywhere (but it is recommended to install it near the load center).
  4. Installing power plants near the load center reduces the cost of transmission and distribution of the power.
  5. Less amount of fuels (Uranium, in this case) are used in nuclear reactor for the bulk power generation.
  6. It emits very less pollution as compare to diesel and thermal power stations.
  7. The small space is needed as compared to thermal and hydroelectric power plants.
  8. This plant does not require more facilities like transportation and storage.
  9. The nuclear power plant does not produce the carbon emissions. 

Disadvantages of of Nuclear Power Plant

  1. The initial cost of nuclear power plant is more because the cost of fuel is very high.
  2. The nuclear fuel is a non-renewable energy source. So, energy cannot not be recovered and generated.
  3. This power plant requires a major initial economic investment.
  4. The nuclear power plant takes long duration for the construction.
  5. More maintenance and safety precaution are required to protect and to prevent any nuclear accidents.
  6. You have to be very cautious handling nuclear energy. Exposing it outside can lead to very harmful situation to the humankind.

These are some advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plant. If you have any queries or doubts, comment below.

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