12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Universal Motors | Applications

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The universal motors are the types of electric motors. This motor works on both power sources such as AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) power supply.

These motors are commonly found in various applications due to their ability to work with both types of electricity. Mostly it is used in

These motors are commonly found in various applications due to their ability to work with both types of electricity. Mostly, it is used in commercial and household applications.

In this article, we are going to study about advantages and disadvantages of universal motors.

Advantages (Pros) of Universal Motors

  1. Universal motors are found in compact size and lightweight condition as compared to other types of electric motors.
  2. A universal motor has the capability to work with both AC and DC powers.
  3. It provides high starting torque to applications where rapid acceleration or high initial torque is needed.
  4. This universal motor has better flexibility for portable devices and handheld appliances.
  5. It has a good ability to control the variable speed. This feature is very suitable for speed adjustment applications such as hair dryers, blenders, mixers, and vacuum cleaners.
  6. Less cost is required for the manufacturing of this motor.
  7. The universal motor is very comfortable and suitable for high-speed applications.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Universal Motors

  1. The universal motor creates noise while operating or working.
  2. The lifespan of the universal motor is shorter as compared to the other electric motors.
  3. It reduces efficiency, especially at high speeds. So, it causes an increase the operating costs and energy consumption.
  4. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure optimal performance and service. Especially, brush maintenance or replacement is essential.
  5. This motor is not comfortable for long-duration operations or works. Due to continuously running or working, it generates heat.

However, this universal motor comes with many pros and cons based on ability, comfort, power efficiency, affordability, and many more.

For specific requirements and constraints of the applications, you can choose the universal motor. Its choice relies on its specifications and requirements.

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