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In an earlier article, I have listed some different types of electrical measuring instruments. The ammeter and voltmeter are also included in them.

The ammeter and voltmeter are the most popular portable, and handheld electrical measuring instruments. These instruments are very useful for technicians and engineers when they use in technical work.

Under the working role, both work on basic principles. But, it has multiple roles and different functionalities.

Let’s compare both instruments with different specifications.

Ammeter vs Voltmeter [in Tabular form]

What is the difference between ammeter and voltmeter?

01[Definitation] What is ammeter & voltmeter?The electrical instrument that measures and detects the electric current is called an ‘Ammeter’. The electrical instrument that measures and detects the voltage is called a ‘Voltmeter’.
02Symbolic representationSymbolically, the ammeter is represented by the ‘A’. The voltmeter is represented by the ‘V’.
03Series-Parallel CircuitsThe ammeter is always connected in series form with the connected devices in closed electrical circuits. The voltmeter is always connected in parallel form with the connected devices in closed electrical circuits.
04ResistanceIt has low resistance. It has high resistance.
05Current flowing capacityDue to the low resistance, the maximum amount of current will flow in the ammeter. Due to the high resistance, the minimum amount of current will flow in the voltmeter.
06Ideal ammeter & voltmeterThe resistance of the ideal ammeter is zero. The resistance of the ideal voltmeter is approximately infinity.
07FunctionIt has the basic function to measure the flow of electric current. It has the basic function to measure voltage or emf across two points in an electric circuit.
08MeasurementIt gives more accuracy in measuring the electric current as compared to the voltmeter. It gives low accuracy as compared to the ammeter.

09. Types of Ammeter & Voltmeter

Listing is the different types of ammeter and voltmeter which are classified based on the construction, working functions, and features.

  • Moving iron type ammeter and voltmeter
  • Moving coil-type ammeter and voltmeter
  • Thermal type ammeter and voltmeter
  • Electrostatic type voltmeter
  • Induction type ammeter and voltmeter
  • Rectifier type ammeter and voltmeter

These basic points have covered the comparison of measuring instruments of electricity. Thus, both devices are different in terms of working functionality and circuit placement.

We conclude that both meters are played a prominent role in the measurement of domestic and commercial, and industrial electrical appliances. These two meters get into two forms. One is an analog form. And another is a digital form.

Instead of buying these two meters, the multimeter is best to use. It works as standalone test equipment. Generally, analog and digital multimeters are widely used.

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