Ohm’s Law Calculator

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Ohm’s law is a one of the most fundamental and essential law out of other electrical and electronics circuit laws. And ohm’s law is only applicable for the DC circuit.

Firstly, we will study, ‘what is ohm’s law?’

Ohm’s Law Statement:

The ohm’s law is stated that, ‘An electric current (I) passes through the conductor are directly proportional to the applied voltage (V) between the two terminal of conductor, if physical conditions remain constant’.

It is representation by,

Electric current (I) ∝ Potential Difference (V)


Electric Current (I)= [Voltage(V)/Resistance (R)]         (Unit- Ampere)

Where,  Resistance (R) is constant term.

From the above equation, you calculated the other electrical quantities like voltage, resistance and power. 

Calculation of Voltage:

Voltage, (V)= [Current (I) * Resistance (R)]          (Unit- Volt)

Calculation of Resistance:

Resistance, (R)= [Potential Difference (V) / Electric current (I)]          (Unit- Ohm)
Calculation of Electric Power:
Electric Power, (P)= [(Voltage (V) * Current (I)]            (Unit- Watt)       
This fundamental law of electricity is used for the calculation of electrical quantities of electric circuit. 

I have created online calculators to calculate these values.You can use them directly.

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