101 Top Core Electrical Engineering Companies to Work [EE, Mech, Civil]

101 Top Core Electrical Engineering Companies to Work [EE, Mech, Civil]

If you are looking for a job or business opportunities working with core companies in Electrical, Mechanical or Civil Engineering, I am sharing top 100+ core company names.

Also writing my view- how can you make the best use of this company list for the betterment of your career, after the list. (So, do read this article completely.)

This list includes major companies (not all, there are many more companies) working in the core domain.

Core Electrical Company

List of  Top Core Electrical Engineering Companies [Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering]

  1. ABB
  2. Aditya
  3. Amco
  4. Bosch
  5. Caterpillar
  6. Federal-Mogul Corporation
  7. Doosan
  8. Bhuler
  9. Toyota Boshoku Corporation
  10. Toyota
  11. L&t Hydraulics
  12. L&T Construction
  13. L&T Komatso
  14. Fanuc India
  15. BFW
  16. Karmobiles
  17. Triveni
  18. Tafe
  19. Fair tech
  20. Quest global
  21. Cummins
  22. Schinder electric
  23. TDPS
  24. Suprajit Engineering Ltd corporate office
  25. Volvo
  26. Weir Minerals
  27. Kenna metal
  28. Komet group
  29. Ashoka Leyland
  30. Mahendra
  31. Tata
  32. Essar
  33. BGR energy system
  34. Toyota Kirloskar
  35. Honeywell automation
  36. Innovate minds
  37. Altair
  38. ENIT
  40. AREVA T&D
  41. Hindustan turbomachinery ltd
  42. Promac Engineering Industries Limited
  43. Nauvata Engineering Pvt Ltd
  44. GERB vibration control system
  45. Dubaspower
  46. infotech enterprise
  47. ITC
  48. Konar Engineering Services
  49. Moog Inc. (Aerospace and defense company)
  50. SKF Manufacturing company
  51. Siemens Automation company
  52. Varman Aviation
  53. Milltech Machinery
  54. Turbo Tech
  55. Paloma Turning Company Private Limited
  56. Avasarala technologies ltd
  57. Tyco Fire and Security
  58. Tyco Electronics
  59. Macmet
  61. RANAL Engineering
  62. Dantal Hydraulics
  63. Baehal
  64. Harita
  65. Aeronautical Development Agency- ADA (Aircraft manufacturer)
  66. Good rich
  67. Sansera Engineering
  68. Dhio
  69. Kinetix Engineering & Consultation
  70. San Engineering and Locomotive Co. Ltd.
  71. Wiproinfra
  72. Disa India
  73. AK Aerotek
  74. Indus aviation
  75. MICO
  76. REVA
  77. TVS motor
  80. Unicorn power
  81. NV Dynamics
  82. Taneja aerospace and aviation
  83. Air works
  84. Tesscorn
  85. VALDEL engineers and construction
  86. Dover Corporation (Conglomerate Company)
  87. Tantra Infosolutions Pvt Ltd.
  89. Grindwell Norton Ltd.
  90. Cadestech
  91. Impact Engineering Solutions
  92. Sansera Engineering
  95. KPIT: Technology Consulting, IT Services & Product Engineering
  97. Rotork
  98. SFO Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  99. Ranka steels
  100. Guhring
  101. TaeguTec

Note: These companies are listed randomly. And they are not sorted by any means.

All the above core electrical engineering companies are present in Bangalore and other metro cities in India. Most of the listed companies are multinational so you can find them in other countries as well.

How Can You Make the Best Use of this List of Core Companies?

Are You Searching for Jobs?

Search these company names on Google to find the addresses of these companies in your city.  Find the career page of those companies and submit your resume.

For most of the companies, to submit the resume, you need to make your account and profile.

You can also visit these companies (preferably if it is near to your place) directly to submit your CV.

They might ask you for your email so that they can inform you for the future job opportunities and openings.

Do You Have a Business Proposal?

Search the company name on Google and visit their homepage.

In about or contact page, you can find their email address. Send your proposal.

For betterment, it is always preferred visiting the company for the proposal. Take the appointment before you go.

Final Word- Need Your Help.

If you are Electrical, Mechanical or Civil engineering, find this company list useful for you. And also, share it with your friends.

I have collected and listed these core electrical engineering companies to help others in our domain. Now, I need a little help from each one of you.

If you are working in any of these companies, please share your reviews and experience. I am sure it will add value to other job seekers.

Also, let me know if there are any other good companies deserve attention on the list.

Let’s Help Each Other to Grow!

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