Uses of Drones in Agriculture | Features of Agricultural UAV

Day to day, as goes with the increasing population, food demand is increasing. To meet the expected demand, we have to follow the concepts of advanced farming techniques for exploring and integrating into precision agriculture.

In this article, we are going to study the importance of drones in agriculture with their features and functions.

What is the Importance of Drone in Precision Agriculture?

The agriculture drone is one of the advanced techniques for precision agriculture. In a scientific word, sometimes, the drone is known as an ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle‘ or ‘Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle‘ or ‘UAV’.

In precision agriculture, drone or UAV helps to analyze field crops and to gather site-specific information (like crop health monitoring, soil analysis, detection of fungal infestation, and more).

Also, it is very capable of providing more applications like land mapping, photogrammetry, product transportation, infrastructure inspection, etc.

Features of Agricultural UAV

Here are some of the UAV system’s salient common features.

  • Agriculture drone or UAV system occurs in compact size. So, it is very easy to carry or handle.
  • It contains high compatible payloads or micro cameras that can perceive objects and movements.
  • UAV can read the location data with the help of multiple global positioning systems (GPS).
  • If battery becomes low, UAV will fly route back to original position (home).
  • Users can control UAV through ground control station (GCS) by using laptop or tablet.
  • If communication is lost between the transmitter and drone, UAV will properly take off at the origin position (home).
  • Users can operate UAV in multiple ways (like pan, tilt and zoom) by using the handheld controller or remote device.  

Applications of Drones in Agriculture

  • Drone assistes for crop monitoring, agriculture mapping, land photogrammetry, auditing and gathering data with the help of the drone camera.
  • It is utilized for search and rescue operations especially for spraying fertilizer and pesticide.
  • Drone use for stealth operations, security and surveillance systems.
  • It can provide assistance for crowd and traffic management.
  • A harsh environment and high altitude can be easily detected by precision farming drones.
  • For the integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations, drones (or UAV) are very beneficial in irrigation agriculture.

These drones come with advanced automation and highly accurate GPS guidance systems to assist modern agriculture development for high-quality cultivation.

In India, many core companies manufacture different types of drones. The price of drones depends on their brands, construction, features, and functions.

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