Automatic Weather Monitoring System | Features & Applications

In this article, we are going to study the automatic weather monitoring system with features and applications.

Importance of Automatic Weather Monitoring System

The automatic weather monitoring system incorporates one of the latest Internet of things (IoT) based applications.

This application helps to measure and gather atmospheric conditions like air temperature, humidity, moisturizer, light intensity, rainfall, ultraviolet (UV) radiations, barometric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, cloud height, and other abnormal conditions.

This informative data is gathered from different locations covered by mobile networks and then provided to the users.

Data collected from the different locations and zones can be centralized and organized. Later, it can be sent to the observatory station through the GPRS network. It provides extensive compatibility of sensors with built-in GPRS mobile network connectivity.

Through cloud management software, all these collected data from weather stations is shown in the graphical form like dashboard, tables, charts and graphs.

Since, the data transmission is instantaneous, a demand alert is triggered in cloud management software once uncanny weather data is received.

The observatory can send a warning message to the public immediately after poor weather condition is recognized. This will alert the farmers to take necessary actions.

Features of Smart Weather Monitoring System

  • The weather monitoring system gives high accuracy and reliability for weather monitoring and climate changing.
  • It uses the renewable energy source like solar panel for charging the connected battery.
  • Through the web, it access real time weather information and data.
  • This system can be communicated over general packet radio service (GPRS) network.
  • Low maintenance is required for end users.
  • It is capable for storing data and providing it to the users as required.  

Applications of Smart Weather Monitoring System

There are more applications where the weather monitoring system is very essential and profitable.

  • Solar power plant and solar project
  • Wind plant
  • Conservation engineering
  • Aviation and meteorological operations
  • Environmental education
  • Weather information service
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Fire station
  • Water management and wastewater treatment

The automatic and intelligent weather monitoring system is very versatile. This system allows users to examine atmospheric data that is essential for their operations or projects.

There are more advantages and uses over wireless weather monitoring systems and stations. This system is used also for precision farming (or agricultural) technology in India

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