18 Difference Between AC and DC Transmission Systems | HVAC vs HVDC

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The generating electrical power transmits through the transmission and distribution system to the consumer.

Both transmission and distribution systems can be transmitted either by the alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).

Under the power transmission construction, there are the four types of system classified.

  • AC transmission system
  • DC transmission system
  • AC distribution system
  • DC distribution system

Each system has different specifications like uses, functions, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here, in this article, we are going to study what is the difference between AC and DC transmission.

Let’s compare all the basic AC and DC transmission Concepts,

AC vs DC Transmissions | HVAC vs HVDC

#ContentAC TransmissionDC Transmission
01[Defination] What is the ac and dc transmission?The transmission system which transmits alternating current is called an ‘AC transmission’. The transmission system which transmits direct current is called a ‘DC transmission’.
02Construction of AC & DC TransmissionThe construction of AC transmission lines is more complicated.The construction of DC transmission lines is less complicated.
03Electric powerIn this transmission, electric power can easily generate at high voltage.In this transmission, electric power cannot easily generate at high voltage because of commutation problems.
04ConductorFor the high voltage AC (HVAC) transmission, three conductors (i.e. Red, Yellow, and Blue phases) are used.For the high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission, only two conductors (positive and negative) are used.
05Insulation It requires more insulation due to more conductors.It requires less insulation due to less conductors.
06Voltage RegulationThe AC transmission can easily increase and decrease the voltage level by using a step-up and step-down transformer.The DC transmission can increase and decrease the voltage level by using the chopper and booster.
07Required FactorsFor the AC transmission lines, capacitance, inductance, and phase displacement need.For the DC transmission lines, capacitance, inductance, and phase displacement do not need.
08TransformerThe transformer is used to regulate the voltage level.The transformer does not use.
09Capacitance effectDue to the presence of capacitance in AC transmission lines, a continuous power loss occurs.Due to the absence of capacitance in DC transmission lines, less power loss occurs.
10Inductance effect The voltage drop is more due to the presence of inductance. So, it does not provide good voltage regulation.The voltage drop is less due to the absence of inductance. So, it provides good voltage regulation.
11Skin effect of AC & DC transmissionSkin effect occurs in the AC transmission system.Skin effect does not occur in the DC transmission system.
12Corona effect of AC & DC transmissionCorona losses mostly exist in the AC system.Corona losses rarely exist in the HVDC system.
13Effects of transmissionStability and surge effects find in AC transmission. The DC transmission is free from the stability and surge effects.
14Required partsIt does not require a rectifier and inverter. It requires a rectifier and inverter.
15Installation Cost Under construction and maintenance, the AC transmission system is cheap. Under construction and maintenance, the DC transmission system is expensive.
16Distance over power transmissionFor short-distance power transmission, the AC transmission system is mostly preferred.For large-distance power transmission, the DC transmission system is mostly preferred.
17Maintenance Maintenance of this system is easy through connected substations. Maintenance of this system is difficult as compared to the AC system.
18RepairingRepairing of AC transmission is very simple over DC transmission. Repairing of DC transmission is not simple over AC transmission

I have covered all the basic comparisons of AC and DC transmission. Also, describe the main advantage of the AC over the DC transmission systems and the disadvantages of an HVDC over HVAC.

If you have any queries regarding to the AC Vs DC transmission line, you can ask through the below comment.

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