10 Applications of Capacitors | Uses

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The capacitor (C) is an electronic component that is capable of storing charge. In electrical and electronic circuits, the capacitor is a very crucial part to store energy in the form of electrical charges. In other technical words, the capacitor is known as the ‘Condensor‘.

The capacitor works as an active component because it has the capacity to generate self-energy. It is mostly placed in batteries as an alternative storing component.

There are various types of capacitors such as parallel plates, spherical, and cylindrical. Each capacitor has different roles and uses.

In this article, we are going to study the applications of capacitors in daily life.

Applications of Capacitors | Uses

Let’s study domestic, commercial, and industrial appliances where capacitors are included.

  1. The fundamental use of a capacitor is to store energy in the form of electricity.
  2. Also, it works as a temporary battery that maintains the power supply while the power is cut off.
  3. In domestic as well as commercial appliances like as batteries, fans, cameras, coolers, electronic chargers, LED lights, audio equipment, etc., the capacitor is needed.
  4. Also, the capacitor is widely used in computers in cases of an emergency shutdown of the system.
  5. In the power system, capacitor banks are widely used for regulating voltage and improving the quality of the power supply.
  6. The capacitor includes AC to DC converters (for example, Chargers).
  7. In audio equipment and gadgets such as loudspeakers, microphones, woofers, tweeters, etc., capacitors are inbuilt to filter and manipulate signals.
  8. Also, capacitors are used in electrical measuring equipment (for example- sensors).
  9.  This device is very useful for decoupling or smoothing the output voltage in the rectifier circuits. Especially, a smoothing capacitor is used.
  10. In electronics and telecommunication devices (such as television receivers, transmitter circuits, and radio), it is widely used.

These are the basic applications of capacitors in daily life. Thus, the fundamental role of the capacitor is to store electricity. As well as, the capacitor is used in tuning circuits, power conditioning systems, charge-coupled circuits, coupling, and decoupling circuits, electronic noise filtering circuits, electronic gadgets, weapons, etc.

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