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ECAD Software

In this article, I’m listing the topmost electrical CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. Also, I’m sharing links for ECAD software free download.

CAD software is used in two main engineering streams Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. For electrical engineering, ECAD (Electrical Computer-Aided Design) software is utilized.

What is the use of ECAD Software?

ECAD software is used to design electrical circuits. It preferred than drawing the design on paper.  It means that we don’t require a pen or pencil or paper to draw the circuit.

ECAD software helps to build 2D and 3D type electrical and electronic circuits. Due to the utilization of this designing software, you can easily build, assemble, compose and simulate the circuit. Using this tool for designing, you save a lot of time.

ECAD consists of different software. ECAD tools like electrical symbols, types of equipment, rating as per the equipment.

The drawing design with ECAD is very simple. You need to use drag and drop options to design the circuit by using software tools.

Here you go- topmost CAD software list.

What are the Different Types of ECAD Software?

Here,  I am listing the best free (open source) and paid CAD software for electrical and electronic engineers.

ECad software Free Download (Open Source)

The open-source ECAD software is used for learning and practicing purposes.

Some popular free ECAD software-

  1. Electric
    This tool can be used for different forms of design like Custom Integrated-Circuit layout, Schematics, Hardware description languages. Read detail about the Electric EDA tool.
  2. Fritzing (Download)
    Though it is open-source you have to pay to download this software to ensure future releases, bugfixes, and features.
  3. KiCad
    You can download this software for different Operating Systems like Ubuntu, macOS, Windows, Debian, Arch Linux, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Linux Mint, Flatpak, Gentoo, Sabayon, and FreeBSD.
  4. gEDA
    This project was started because of the lack of free EDA tools available for design. They provide different releases for the different operating systems. You can download it here.
  5. XCircuit– Open Circuit Design
    To download this tool, you can refer to this installation guide.
  6. KTechLab
    It is an open-source IDE for electronic and PIC microcontroller circuit design. You can easily simulate design with this tool. Check their wiki on GitHub.
  7. ngspice
    It is the open-source Spice circuit simulator. It comes with a BSD-free license to use.
  8. Oregano
    This circuit simulator is available only for Linux (Ubuntu and ArchLinux). You can not install it on Windows or macOS. Refer to GitHub wiki for downloading and installation.
  9. Quite Universal Circuit Simulator (Qucs)
    It is an electronics circuit simulator, available for FREE. Here is GitHub wiki for more detail about the Qucs tool.

You can use these free softwares for your learning purpose.

Proprietary or License Based ECAD Software

Proprietary software is also called as closed-source software. These are the paid softwares.  It is mostly used in the industrial environment.

  1. Magic
  2. AutoCAD Electrical
  3. Allegro
  4. OrCAD
  5. Autotrax
  6. Electra
  7. DipTrace
  9. EAGLE
  10. Easytrax
  11. LTspice
  12. FreeStyle
  13. Multisim
  14. Proteus
  15. Protel
  16. Tango
  17. TopoR
  18. Pulsonix
  19. Upverter
  20. TARGET
  21. Micro-Cap
  22. Ultiboard
  23. Xpedition
  24. BoardStation
  25. DesignSpark
  26. Delta Design
  27. IntegraStation
  28. Altium Designer
  29. SolidWorks Electrical

How can you make the Best use of these Electrical CAD tools?

Many of these EDA tools provide a free trial for some days. These paid tools are mostly used by the industries as they provide more features as compared to the free software. If you want to get hands-on learning experience with these paid software, you can use their trial version. There can be some restrictions to use some features in the trial version.

I have covered all different 2D CAD and 3D CAD software which are needed for educational purposes and an industrial environment.

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I hope you find this article useful for ecad software free download. If you have any experience working on any of the ECAD and AutoCAD software, share your experience. I would like to include your review of these tools in this article.

Thanks for Reading!

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