Smart Greenhouse System | Benefits & Features

What is a Greenhouse?

The basic definition of a Greenhouse is a looked-like framed structure that is covered with a transparent or green shaded net material on the crop field.

Under the shade, it includes large enough space inside to grow the crops. Internal environment condition is partial or fully controlled through sensors based on the farming requirement. This yields optimum growth and productivity.

Today, adopting the greenhouse technique has become a need to gain more profit from the agriculture sector.

Every crop needs different temperatures, carbon dioxide, and oxygen levels, humidity, soil, and atmospheric pressure. What if we can control these factors or effects as per the requirement of each crop? This is where the Greenhouse system is needed for precision agriculture.

Benefits of Smart Greenhouse System

The automated greenhouse system is very fruitful for the production of seasonal and non-seasonal high-quality production of crops.

This smart greenhouse irrigation system is one of the sensor-based systems that can comfortably and friendly operate in greenhouse farming. It contains the different types of sensors for different prospective like-

  • sensor to control the level of carbon dioxide
  • sensor to control the level of oxygen
  • volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor
  • air temperature and humidity sensor
  • atmospheric pressure sensor
  • soil moisture sensor
  • soil temperature sensor
  • nitrogen dioxide sensor
  • leaf wetness sensor
  • solar radiation sensor

All these sensors help us to detect atmospheres conditions and to control the climate for greenhouse farming.

For the automated greenhouse system construction, we require the PVC frame, green-shaded cover with zipping, ping, and ventilation system. For the plantation, pots and seed trays are also required.

For technical assistance, things like Arduino board, sensor, actuator, Microcontroller, measuring instrument (like digital voltmeter and ammeter), battery, potentiometer, switch, USB, Zigbee, Wi-Fi module, UART, LCD display, Buzzer, LED light, 10 din socket, etc. are essential.

Features of Smart Greenhouse System

  • The smart greenhouse system is friendly platform for experimenters to learn, to explore and to develop IoT skills in protected cultivation.
  • This modular setup is very simple, user friendly and affordable.
  • With this system, we require less man power as environment is monitored and controlled though the IoT.
  • Arduino software is very compatible for different types of hardware.
  • With software, we can visualize and analyze the the sensor’s real time graph on PC or mobile.
  • This system is a compilation of Python, Arduino programming, embedded C and app development.
  • It has battery to operate smart sensor gateway along with color LCD display for sensor connectivity.
  • On board charging and protection circuit are provided for battery.
  • 10 DIN sockets are used to provide interface for sensors and actuators.
  • It comes with USB, Wi-Fi and Zigbee connectivity for personal computer (PC).
  • There are the some measuring instruments (like voltmeter and ammeter) are inbuilt in this system.

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