POSOCO Interview Questions for Electrical Engineer [through GATE]

Hi Everyone,

I’m Priyul Chajad, completed my B.Tech in power system. I secured a good rank in GATE 2020.

Through GATE, I got the call from POSOCO (Power System Operation Corporation) interview. Interview was planned from Delhi. Genuinely, POSOCO is one of the best PSUs.

As I had went for other PSUs placement, I got good technical interview experience. This experience helped me to prepare for the POCOSO interview.

I want to share my POSOCO experience on the DipsLab platform for electrical and electronics engineering students and other PSU aspirants.

I’m listing down the core questions (which I’m able to recollect now) interviewer asked to me.

Let’s see.

POSOCO Interview Question for Electrical Engineer

As usual PSUs interview rounds, firstly, there was a personal interview (PI) and group discussion (GD) round. Based on the result from these rounds, they started to call candidates for the technical round.

Finally, they called me for an interview. My interview started with five expert interviewers including one lady.

Technical Questions for Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

  • What are the difference between alternator and generator?
  • Explain the methods of speed control of DC motor.
  • What are the functions of automatic generation control? And why is it used?
  • Describe the surge impedence loading and ferranti effect.
  • Why four point starter is used over three point starter?
  • What do you mean by energy management systems?
  • Can you give some applications of BLDC motor?
  • What are the different controls of the power system?
  • What are the main differences between IGBT and thyristor?
  • Where is HVDC used in India?

I tried my best to answer all these technical interview questions.

After few days, they published the list of selected candidates. I was one of the selected candidates. Unfortunately, I could not join this company because I had already joined another one.

This is all about my POSOCO interview experience. Hopefully, this will help you to prepare for the POSOCO.

Note: Even if you are preparing for POSOCO, also check the interview questions asked in the other PSUs. This will help you for your preparation.

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All the best!

Editor’s Note: These technical POSOCO interview questions for electrical and electronics engineers are shared by Priyul Chajad. I wish him all the best for his future.

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