What is Renewable Energy? | Types & Benefits

Introduction: What is renewable energy?

Electrical energy is playing a vital role in today’s growing world. Which is fascinating and has a most comfortable lifestyle. But, at deeper if we measure the impact of electricity in our life is has larger importance. Inventions in the Electrical industries lead us to more fastest era. It makes growth in digital, industrial, agriculture, and education. As the need for energy increases day by day which involves humans, becomes more comfortable and going to lead the smartest lifestyle. Digitalization increases more and more demand for Electricity. But, what if at any point we lost electricity? Can’t imagine? Yes, it will happen if we only rely upon conventional resources. To avoid this Renewable energy is introduced, which is available in nature free of cost and its resources are unlimited. To improve the sustainability and reliability of energy we have to focus on invention and innovation in the field. The risen up in the field is having certain effects which are illustrated as follows:

Effects on Environment:

Since, the last few decades a humans are dealing with air pollution. Presently, the largest electricity-producing resource is thermal and nuclear. Which causes higher air pollution. Fossil fuel consumption are producing harmful gases which affect human life severely. Sometimes, the effects remain for generations. Prevention can be possible with the help of renewable resources. The balance of the environment can be maintained.

Effects on the Economy:

Every invention and innovation is modernize an economy with a new perspective. The same will happen with this also. So, can we guess what will the consequences be on the economy of the world if they don’t require any fuel for the production of Electricity? It is simple that it can be predicted economically. Considering the starting installation cost, unless reduces a maintenance cost, labor cost.

Effects on Individuals:

As it affects on country’s and the world’s economy. It will affect an individual as it requires a lower number of people to maintain it. But, if the cost of production reduces it will show an impact on the consumer end also.

Types of renewable energy sources as given as follows:

Different Types of Renewable Energy Sources | Benefits

Solar Energy:

Solar energy is directly collected by the sun. The sun is an infinite source of energy. The energy is
unlimited and free of cost. When Sun Ray throws on the photovoltaic cells the DC current

Wind Energy:

As the name indicates wind energy is the production of electricity by using natural wind. The
operation is done by using windmills.

Hydro Energy:

Hydro Power plants are merely dependent on the source of water. By using water the turbine
moves and this mechanical energy further lead to an alternator which at the end gives electricity as an output. Hydropower plants are having certain limitations due to that it has lower unit production rates.

So, at last, come up with the question if even we have that many advantages over using renewable energy. Why we won’t go with that? Instead of having various advantages, the resources have certain disadvantages or limitations. In a further part, we will be going to discuss the disadvantages or limitations of renewable energy sources.

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