Top 22 Different PLC Software Brands and Manufacturers [Comparison]

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Before I share different Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) software brands with you, let me ask you one question.

How many times, in a day, you listen to the word “Automation”?

The day-by-day, many companies are leading to advance technologies in the core (Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical) field. And their roles are commendable.

These advanced technologies in this domain are helpful in many areas like electrification, automation, and digitalization.

In the automation environment, more automation companies are manufacturing and working on the control system by using PLC and SCADA.

The brand of PLC is used for industrial and commercial controlling purposes. And also the additional educational projects are being developed using PLC.

This small post will help you to understand to know about different brands of PLC programming and different companies behind those brands.

So, let’s dive right in what are the top manufacturers of PLCs in the world.

Multiple PLC Brands

Here is the list of prominent PLC software brands.

  1. Modicon PLC
  2. AB PLC
  3. ABB PLC
  4. Mitsubishi PLC
  5. Delta PLC
  6. Siemens PLC
  7. Omron PLC
  8. Hitachi PLC
  9. GE PLC
  10. Honeywell PLC
  11. Schneider PLC
  12. Bosch PLC
  13. Festo PLC
  16. Keyence PLC
  17. Beckhoff PLC
  18. Eaton PLC
  19. Wago PLC
  20. Toshiba PLC
  21. Unitronics PLC
  22. Yokogawa PLC

There are so many brands available in the market. These are the top 22 list of PLC works on their specific software.

Which PLC is mostly Used in Industry?

Look at the Indian market and others. The brand of Siemens PLC  is at the topmost position.

And Allen Bradley (AB) PLC is at the second position in Automation. Allen Bradley PLC is popularly known as Rockwell PLC.

Both PLC brands provide various/different functions and features.

What is the best PLC Brand?

The AB, Siemens, Delta, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Omron, ABB, GE and Schneider are the other PLC brands widely used, today. Also, these are the best for learning and working purpose.

Topmost 12 PLC Manufacturers Comparison

Here are the best brands of PLC with its useful software for the compact and modular PLC.

#PLC’s BrandDeveloped CountrySoftware
01 AB PLCUnited StateRS Logix (RS Logix 5, RS Logix 500
and RS Logix 5000)
02Siemens PLCGermanyStep 5- Micro wins
Step 7- Simatic Manager
03ABB PLCSwitzerlandAutomation Builder
04Delta PLCTaiwanWPL Soft
ISP Soft
05Schneider PLCEuropePL7
ProWORX 32
06Mitsubishi PLCJapanGx Developer
Gx Works 2
MELSOFT series
07Omron PLCJapanCX-One
CX programmer
08Hitachi PLCJapanEH-150
09General Electric PLCUnited StateDurus
10Honeywell PLC United StateHRA
11FATEK PLC Taiwan WinProladder
12BoschGermany Bosch Rexroth

Which PLC Software You Should Use?

Different PLC software requires different licenses. Unfortunately, most of the software is paid.

Many of the brands provide trial versions with limited features. If you want to use PLC software for individual learning, I think, free trial or limited versions are good to go with.

You can also install Delta PLC for free. And you can buy the Delta PLC hardware for practice.

Personally, more or less, I have experience of working with the six brands of PLCs software – ABB PLC (AC010), AB PLC (RS Logix 500), Siemens PLC (Simatic Manager), Mitsubishi PLC (Gx Work2), and Delta PLC (WPLSoft) by using the ladder diagram programming languages.

These PLC brands are used in many applications like as controlling system, manufacturing, material handling, automatic assembly, and many more things.

How to learn PLC programming?

ABB PLC, Mitsubishi PLC, and Delta PLC software easy to learn and understand. 

If you are new to the PLC programming, I would recommend to read earlier tutorial how to learn PLC programming from zero to hero?

And there are many PLC programming courses available online.

If you ask me…

Which is the best online course to learn PLC programming?

Here is my first choice- The Best PLC programming course.

This course is enrolled by 11000+ students and engineers. Moreover, it is highly rated by 2320.

No doubt. This is the best course to learn PLC.


If you are looking for PLC software for learning or commercial/industrial purposes, I hope, you find this list of different PLC software brands useful.

For any further query or discussion, hit the comment section below.

Also, do share your experience working with different PLC software brands. I would be glad of knowing your opinion.

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Happy PLC Programming!

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