14 Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Substations

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In an earlier article, we have studied the different types of power substations. Out of these substations, indoor type or outdoor type substations are used.

These substations construct and their required types of equipment install based on specific features and functions.

So, we are going to study what is the difference between indoor and outdoor substations.

Comparision of Indoor & Outdoor Substations

Let’s compare the both substations with the multiple specifications in tubular form.

#ContentIndoor SubstationOutdoor Substation
What is an indoor and outdoor substation?
The substation which installs for low voltage requirements inside the building construction is called an indoor substation. The substation which installs for high voltage requirements outside the building construction is called an outdoor substation. 
02ConstructionThe construction of the indoor substation is complicated. The construction of the outdoor substation is not more complicated.
03Voltage These substations install up to the 66kV voltage level.These substations install for beyond the 66kV voltage level.
04LocationGenerally, the indoor substations place inside the building.The outdoor substations place outside the building.
05Types of equipments of SubstationYou cannot easily visualize the equipment of the indoor substation.You can easily visualize the equipment of the outdoor substation.
06Space RequiredThere is required a small space.There is required plenty of space.
07InstallationYou cannot easily expand the installation of indoor substations.You can easily expand the installation of outdoor substations.
08CostThe cost of the indoor substation is low.The cost of the outdoor substation is high.
09Fault ConditionVery easy to clear the fault.Very difficult to clear the fault.
10MaintenanceIndoor substation requires high maintenance. Outdoor substation requires less maintenance. 
11Repairing & Replacement The equipment of the indoor substation cannot easily repair and replace.The equipment of the outdoor substation can easily repair and replace.
12Additional ProtectionIt does not essential additional protection.It is essential additional protection against lightning, dust, etc.
(for the human being)
Indoor substations are much safer.Outdoor substations are not much safer.
14ExampleThe distribustion substation is an example of an indoor type substation.The grid substation is an example of an outdoor type substation.

This is all about the basic specifications of indoor substation vs outdoor substation. Also, describes the advantages of indoor substation over outdoor substation and vice versa.

If you have any queries regarding difference between indoor and outdoor substations, drop your comment below.

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