iOS vs Android security comparison | Which Boasts Better Security 2023

There have always been unending conflicts between Android and iOS users, every party is defending their operating system. The truth of the matter is there is one outstanding feature of each party that makes them superior in one field. 

Android vs iOS

For general performance, there are pros and cons of both Android and iOS. A pro in android is that almost all apps are free to use whereas, it is a con in iOS since the apps are costly. A pro in iOS which is a con in Android is heat generation.

iOS vs Android security comparison 2023

According to Anjelica from CellTrackingApps who is an expert regarding this topic, in terms of Android vs iPhone security, iOS wins the competition by far, here are a few reasons why iPhones are more secure than Android:

  • Security updates

    For you to stay more secure when operating your device, you should always update your device to its latest version.

    Android releases its updates regularly, well, this is good for your safety but these random updates are so common that users tend to ignore them and that is why they easily fall prey to hackers.

    iOS does not release their updates and when they announce one, it becomes a very big event that the users cannot skip to update their devices, this translates to stronger security.
  • Open and closed source code

    Apple does not release the source code to the developers, this means that the owners of the iPhones cannot modify their devices on their own. This makes it hard for hackers to gain entry into their operating systems.

    This feature is contrary to android, they have an open-source code. This enables every android user to play around with their devices, too much of modification can create a security weakness and hackers can find the way through.
  • App development

    When an app is developed, it has to be uploaded to the sites either run by Android or iOS.

    Uploading an application to the google play store is not very strict, not many protocols are followed to ensure that the app is not a security threat. Whereas, for the apple store, there is much to follow hence not every app can be successfully uploaded.

    This makes it easy for developers to create and spread an application that is a security threat into the google play store.
  • The number of users

    There are a larger number of android users all over the world, a higher number means that they can mine data from many users.

    Whereas there are a few iOS users and just like an investor, hackers will target android devices. However, this statement should not be used as a justification for the reason why iOS is more secure.

How to ensure that your data is secure while browsing?

  • Install an antivirus

    If you are an iPhone user, you should download the iPhone antivirus on the apple store, for android users you will find the Android antivirus in the google play store.

    An antivirus will detect any security attempt on your device and you will take precautionary measures. Check out this review for some great info about Android antiviruses.

  • Regular device update

    Whenever your manufacturer announces an update, you should be the first to make the update.

    Old versions are vulnerable to hacking, in every latest version, developers usually fix a feature that was a security threat in the older version.

  • Avoid opening unknown links

    Hackers usually get into your device through the installation of malware. Malware can be installed on your device by opening malicious links and sites.


Regardless of your operating system, you should take all measures to ensure you don’t fall into the hands of prey. For example, because you are an iPhone user means you should click on any links or sites you have no idea of.

A hacker can plant spyware on your phone and mine your data while you are boasting to the world about how secure your device is.

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