DRDO Interview Questions for Electrical Engineer | Candidate Experience

Hello Friends, I’m Amey Das.

Currently, I am working as a Scientist (Gazette Officer) at DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization). DRDO is one of the best PSU in the research and development sector in India.

I got call from DRDO interview through the GATE score. I attended this interview.

So, on this DipsLab platform, I am sharing my interview experience and technical questions.

DRDO Interview Questions | Personal Interview

At that time, there were five members including one chairman present. Every member asked technical questions subject-wise.

My interview started with chairperson. As usual interview, he started with some personal questions.

  • Briefly introduce yourself.
    Answer: I answered all about myself, qualification, B.Tech project, and other basic educational details. If you are fresher, you should be well prepared for the B.Tech project.
  • Tell me about one practical you performed in your BTech.
    Answer: I shortly explained the open and short circuit test of a single-phase transformer. This is machine lab practical.
  • Why do you want to join DRDO?
    Answer: Explained my working interest, future plan, and other reasons. I tried my best to answer this question. I think, they were satisfied with my answer.
  • What are your favorite subjects?
    Answer: Electrical & Electronics, Machine, power system, measurement, and instrument are my favorite subjects.

Note: If you are working in any organization or company, you can expect some questions related to your job profile.

DRDO Interview Questions | Technical Round

Other members started asking some technical questions one-by-one.

  • What is the GPS? Explain it’s working.
  • What is a multimeter? What are a three-pin socket and its significance?
  • How many satellites are used for GPS?
  • Which effect is used in RADAR communication?
  • Explain the different types of induction motor and synchronous motor with their principles.
  • What is Hilbert transform and where we use it?
  • Draw a circuit diagram for HWR.
  • What is the doppler effect?
  • What is the difference between a shaping machine and a milling machine?
  • Explain Op-amp in the circuit.

This is all about the DRDO interview questions and my experience. I hope, it is helpful for the PSU job interview aspirants especially and those preparing for the DRDO.

The panel was very supportive and friendly. My interview duration was 30-40 minutes.

For this technical interview, you must prepare topics like digital electronics, electric machines, RADAR, satellite, communication systems, etc.

Just like DRDO, there are some other top PSUs offer job opportunities through GATE:

All the best!

Editor’s Note: These technical DRDO interview questions for electrical engineer and experiences are shared by Amey Das. I wish him all the best for his future.

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