IIT Mandi Microelectronics and VLSI Interview Questions through GATE

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I’m sharing IIT Mandi microelectronics and VLSI interview questions that where asked to me.

In this article, I will try to remember all the technical questions. Going through these questions, you will also learn how to prepare for the MTech interviews for other IITs as well.

Microelectronics and VLSI Interview Questions for IIT Mandi

  1. How conductors, semiconductors, and insulators can be classified on the basis of energy band diagrams?
  2. Explain the EK diagram and the generation of holes or electrons.
  3. Whether diode is linear or nonlinear device and small-signal model of the diode.
  4. What are the depletion layer and potential barriers?
  5. What is the carrier concentration in the depletion region? And how it is formed?
  6. Explain the Fermi energy. Where is the Fermi level in intrinsic, p-type, and n-type semiconductors?
  7. What is a degenerate semiconductor?
  8. What is MOS Capacitor?
  9. What is the role of SiO2 in MOSFET?
  10. How CMOS inverter is designed?
  11. How many MOSFETs are used? And what is the function of each MOSFET?
  12. Describe the ROM and RAM design.
  13. What is the difference between combinational and sequential circuits?
  14. How ripple adder is designed?
  15. Explain the shift registers and shift operations.

Hope you find these questions helpful for your technical interview preparation of IIT Mandi.

If you are preparing other IITs and NITs for MTech/MS, here is interview questions shared by other candidates.

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Editors’ Note: These interview questions for MTech, IIT Mandi are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best for his bright future. You can help other aspirants by sharing your interview experience with us.

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