Why Core Companies are NOT Hiring even Top IIT Students?

Nowadays, for core engineering students, job placement is a big problem. Even with the evolution of smart technologies and industrial automation, manpower requirement has been reduced in core industries.

After doing graduation or master’s (even from the top institutes like IITs, NITs…), the core engineers are facing more problems about job placement or getting an offer in a very little package.

The question is WHY?

Why core companies are not taking students even from top IITs?

Before giving my opinion, I talked with many core engineers (electrical, mechanical, and civil) who are pass out from top IITs.

Everyone says that campus placement for core engineers is less as compared to the non-core engineers. Also, only a few students get placed with their desired/reasonable package.

Even the old IITs with core branch you can get an avg salary of only 7-8 LPA. Then while getting admission in IITs and NITs, why are the cutoffs so high for core branches?

Everyone (including students from IIT Bombay) start preparing for the non-core sector in the first year itself! Then what is the point of joining the old IITs? Because even the new IITs give you a chance to apply for the non-core sector with good packages!

Here are three major reasons I can think of…

  • For core engineering, I have come to know those core companies have high attrition rates with IITians.
  • The retention rate is low for IITians in core companies.
  • Also many prefer non-core jobs to core jobs due to lower salary in core jobs.

Where is the fault lying- student side (not having good competency) or company side (no need for MTech grads) Or IITs?

We can not determine the specific reason or fault. But, I am sharing some experinece.

  • Student side– Day-to-day industrial environment, technology become more advance with new features and functions. So, they expect from the engineers more technical skills and knowledge. Sometimes, industries will not hire or prefer fresher due to insufficient technical skills.
  • Company side– Due to the advance of automation technologies, industries require less manpower. So, job requirements or placements are minimum as compared to passing out engineering students each year.

There are also many specialization in Electrical Engineering. Many times companies hire the students from specific specialization as per their industrial project requirement.

B.Tech. students still finds better jobs as compare to the M.Tech. students.

What they did wrong during their MTech that caused them jobless?

When core companies come to IITs, first preference is given to B.Tech. students than the M.Tech.

After getting the master’s in electrical and mechanical, fewer opportunities are available as compare to other streams.

For getting an industrial job, a diploma and degree students are sufficient to work with less package. So, the industries think why to invest more money for getting the same work done.

Also, they think masters can also opt for research in the future. Even they will not be sure master’s students will continue their job.

Why 30 percent of students not getting any job in IITs?

Why core companies are not hiring IIT students?

I’m sharing experience from one of the fellow student (Pratik Dangar) from IIT Bombay. Few Reasons which he has learned from this year’s placement season at IIT Bombay (in his own words).

  • The main placement phase runs for 15 days of December where every company wants early days as core companies pay less than non-core companies. So the placement team doesn’t provide them initial 3-4 days where maximum top-quality students get selected in other companies.
  • MTech students pursuing in IITs or NITs have done their graduation majorly from tier 2 or tier 3 colleges. Some come from even worst private colleges where we don’t learn any technical skills like different CAD CAE software. Even in my batch at IIT Bombay, I have seen people who never used ANSYS or Catia which are the most basic software needed in the core industry.
  • Mtech people even after joining core specialization don’t trust their skills and try to learn coding and select courses according to it. If you don’t do core courses in IIT what you will show to the interviewer in the interview. Clearing GATE is not proof that you have technical skills.
  • Once you join a core company people who did MTech from IIT run for Ph.D. as now they have core industry experience in their resume which helps in shortlisting for foreign universities. So, companies after spending 2-3 years on your growth and learning are left with empty hands. So, they prefer students from local state-level colleges or NITs where people generally don’t think of Ph.D.
  • Some students even prefer joining PSUs through the GATE instead of placement. Even after getting into the first year, they keep preparing for PSU exams and interviews. Once they get the PSU job, they left the college. (How to prepare for PSUs?)

This is also one of the reasons why core companies are not hiring IIT students and why do so many IITians prefer non-core jobs in their placements. Think wisely before you proceed with your admission and career choices.

What’s your thought? Let me know in the comment.

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