8 MATLAB Applications and Simulink Uses in Real Life Practical Engineering

Day-by-day technologies are becoming more advanced with various features and useful applications. Out of these advanced technologies, MATLAB is one of them.

There are many MATLAB Applications we use in our daily life. Unfortunately, we are just unaware of them.

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In this article, I am sharing some of the applications you are using at your home.

MATLAB and Simulink are the best platforms, whether you are designing the base model of the system or working on a specific project or doing research. MATLAB is also capable to develop, test, verify and explore various algorithms.

Now, moving to the real-life examples where we use MATLAB, I am listing the general applications of MATLAB and Simulink.

These applications are the foremost used in commercial, educational and industrial purposes.

8 Major MATLAB Applications and Uses of Simulink in Practical Engineering

There are different toolboxes in MATLAB. And each MATLAB serves a different purpose.

Let’s check the different applications of MATLAB and Simulink, one-by-one…

  1. Technical Or Math Computation

MATLAB toolbox provides different types of tools for technical and mathematical computation. These tools can be used in the mathematical calculation, matrix manipulation, data analysis, visualization, and algorithm development.

There are many Mathematical Functions and Expressions in MATLAB, you can explore them for performing the various computations.

The math function toolbox is also used for the symbolic computation and variable arithmetic functions.

  1. Control System Design

Model-built design system and control-design system are rapidly developing. The control system toolbox is used to designing these automatic control systems.

In this design system, we can analyze the algorithm, monitor the model, control the simulation. You can also perform rapid prototyping, verification of system, and many other things.

Real life example: Washing machine and Camera are the best examples of the control system.

  1. DSP System Design

In the DSP system, MATLAB tools are required for image and data processing. From data import to analysis, enhancement, and application development, you need MATLAB.

The signal processing system toolbox is useful for audio and video image processing system and for communicating to the other system.

Real life example: Scanning machine, Fax machine, Digital tape system are the best example of the DSP system.

  1. Test and Measurement

In the test and measurement section, MATLAB Simulink tools are helpful for communicating and collecting data from external hardware. It provides accurate measurements for the system.

  1. Education And Industrial Department

In most of the education and industrial departments, different MATLAB tools are used for the model-based design of the Dynamic system and Embedded system.

Even for the graphics management system, MATLAB and Simulink tools are used.

This system includes multiple functions like as image processing and visualization (two dimensional and three-dimensional), block building, data visualization, presentation of graph or plot, animation model, etc.

  1. Communication And Aerospace System

The communication toolbox is used in industries like telecommunications system, telephonic system, aerospace system, and computer peripherals system.

In communication and aerospace system, other tools are also required to build the block system. In MATLAB R2013a, Aerospace block set is required for aerospace project design system.

  1. Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical

The Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical environment include the development of new medicines and other healthcare technologies.

By using the MATLAB Simulink software, we can build the model system, simulate the algorithms, verify the design system, plot or customized test report.

Real life example: Endoscope machine, MRI Scanner or Radiation base machine are the examples of these systems.

  1. Financial Modelling and Analysis

Different types of MATLAB and Simulink toolboxes are used for analysis, modeling, simulation, and optimization of financial data.

Final Word:

These are the eight major MATLAB Applications and Simulink users in practical. We use many of these applications in our day-to-day life.

What are other major use cases of MATLAB and Simulink? Shoot out in the comment.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. your post on MATLAB is really helpful but I would like to know if MATLAB can be understood within a year and if so recommend some books i could get to start up!

    • Thanks, Willie.

      If you want to start MATLAB programming, you will get more online resources. Also, I have curated more MATLAB programming tutorials from beginning to end. You can refer to these and solve them with the help of MATLAB software.

      I have suggested ‘Getting started with MATLAB Book’- by Rudra Pratap.

      And if you want any help, you can freely share it here.


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