Current Calculator

Measurement of an Electric Current

Calculating the value of an Electric Current into three way. 

  • According to the basic definition, an electrical current is measured by the electrical charge ‘q’ is flowing through any cross section area of conductor in time ‘t’.

The formula is given by,

I = ( q / t )  Coulomb/Sec or Ampere
  • And ‘n’ number of free electrons are passing through conductor in time ‘t’.

From the number of flowing charge particle and time, current is measured by

I = (( n * e ) / t ) Ampere

Where, e = -1.6*10-19

  • According to the Ohm’s Law, an electric current is calculated by the voltage ‘V’ and resistance ‘R’. 
I = ( V / R )   Ampere

From this above current calculator, you can easily find out the value.