[Online] Charge Current Time Calculator

Measurement of an Electric Current

Calculating the value of an Electric Current into three way-

1. According to the basic definition, an electrical current is measured by the electrical charge (q) is flowing through any cross section area of conductor in time (t).

I = ( q / t )  Coulomb/Sec or Ampere

2. And (n) number of free electrons are passing through conductor in time (t). From the number of flowing charge particle and time, current is measured by

I = [( n * e ) / t ] Ampere

Where, e = -1.6*10-19 Coulomb

3. According to the Ohm’s Law, an electric current is calculated by the voltage (V) and resistance (R). 

I = ( V / R )   Ampere

From this above current calculator, you can easily find out the value.