Resistance Calculator

Measurement of Resistance or Specific Resistance

Here, I am describing the some important formula for calculating the value of resistor or resistance (R).

In earlier tutorial, I have explained the what is a resistance?.

1. According to the Ohm’s law, resistance is calculated from the electric current and voltage

Resistance, (R)= (Voltage/Current)         (Unit- Ohm)

2. Calculating the value of resistor (R) or specific resistance by using the important factor, such as resistivity, length and area of conductor. 

Resistance, (R)= [(Resistivity * Length) / Area]        (Unit- Ohm) 

 3. By using the conductance, calculating the value of resistance,

Resistance, (R)= (1/Conductance)        (Unit- Ohm) 

4. By using the conductivity, calculating the value of specific resistance or resistivity,

Resistivity, (ρ)= (I / Conductivity)        (Unit- Ohm.meter)

These are the different formula for calculating the value of resistance and specific resistance. 

You can try or practice the above formula with the help of resistance calculator.