Vande Bharat Express | Working & Features

Vande Bharat Express is a semi-high-speed indigenous train. This Express is also known as Train 18‘ or ‘T18‘.

Vande Bharat Express is a self-propelled engine-less model. It offers a cozy and quick day travel solution between two cities. It has completely sealed gangways so passengers can easily and comfortably move from one coach to another.

How does Train 18 work?

Vande Bharat Express or Train 18 consists of the electric multiple units (or EMU) that work as self-drive coaches. Thus, the train does not require a separate locomotive as compared to the other trains.

Vande Bharat Express has 16 coaches. Out of these 16 coaches, 8 coaches have connected traction motors and 4 coaches have pantograph connected.

Train 18 has used many more power components such as batteries, battery chargers, transformers, line and traction converters, auxiliary converters, air compressors, brake chopper resistors, etc.

The working of Train 18 is explained in the below video. Please check out:

What are the features of Vande Bharat Express?

What is special about the Vande Bharat Express?

List out salient features that it makes special as compared to the other trains.

  1. Vande Bharat Express comes with the best features for enhanced quick acceleration and deceleration.
  2. Train18 has a maximum speed of 180km/hr.
  3. It has a centralized coach monitoring system.
  4. It has fully automated doors with sliding foot-step and emergency windows.
  5. The GPS (Global Positioning System) has been provided to track real-time travel status.
  6. Train 18 provides an onboard Infotainment system with Wi-Fi services.
  7. The coaches of Train 18 are bacteria-free air conditioning (AC) system with a classic seating arrangement.
  8. The executive class has a total of 52 seats with rotating chairs that revolves 180-degree.
  9. Train 18 has built-in emergency communication systems and CCTV surveillance for passengers’ safety.
  10. Modular toilets with a Bio-Vacuum system are available.

And there are more features of Vande Bharat Express (such as sensor-based water tap, touch control switches, charger sockets, LED, TV, roller blinds, footrest, smoke alarms, seat pockets, etc).

Vande Bharat Express | Information

Who has developed Vande Bharat Express (or Train 18)?

Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) has developed Vande Bharat Express.

Who has manufactured Vande Bharat Express (or Train 18)?

Integral Coach Factory (ICF) has manufactured Vande Bharat Express at Perambur, Chennai. This project is managed by ‘Sudhanshu Mani’ (GM), IFC Chennai.

Why Vande Bharat Train is called Train 18?

ICF has manufactured the first Vande Bharat Express in 2018. That’s why it is called as ‘Train 18’.

What is the maximum speed of Train 18?

Train 18 has capable of running at a maximum speed of 180 km/hr.

Which is the fastest train in India?

Till today, Vande Bharat Express is a semi-high-speed train in India with a maximum speed of 180 km/hr.

What is the cost of Vande Bharat Express?

The manufacturing cost of Vande Bharat Express is approximately Rs 100 crore.

Vande Bharat Express is a great innovation by the Indian railway. It has certainly improved the train travel experience.

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