LD-002H 3D Resin Printer 4k | Features

What is the LD-002H 3D Resin Printer 4k?

Creality LD-002H Resin 3D Printer is the new upgradable resin 3d printer redesigned by LD-002R. It comes with a 13082160mm large building volume, that is possible to print of different sizes of models. Realizes the larger printing space and offers you more choices.

This technology adapts with sample and dental modules, and it is suitable for business start-ups and manufacturers.

This technology has LCD UV photocuring, printing size is 5.1in (L)3.2in (W)6.3in (H), and XY resolution is 0.051mm (25601620 ). This printer speed is 1-4s/layer, layer height ranges between 0.03 to 0.05mm, and its screen is 3.5-inch. That printer dimensions are 8.7in (L)8.7in (W)15.9in (H), and package dimensions are 11.6in (L)11.6in (W)*21.3in (H).

Why Comgrow?

Because Comgrow is the first agency of Creality 3D, and it is devoted to providing high quality and economical.

What are the Features of the LD-002H 3D Resin Printer?

LD-002H comes with fantastic features, are:

  • Upgrade UV Light Source Module

UV is integrated, it is important in printing because it improves light transmission that achieves 8000uw/cm2, that increase the printing precision and detail and gives ultra accuracy.

  • Package List

It includes everything to start the printing.

  • 6in 2K Monochrome Screen

It comes with 2560×1620 resolution, it increases print speed by more than 200%, and the screen life to 400% and increases its efficiency by 1-4s/layer exposure.

It makes its lifespan longer and gives stable performance if long-time printing.

  • Air Filtration System with Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon Box at the rear of the print chamber, which absorbs and filters the resin odor before they are ventilated throughout the cooling fan that provides a refresh and safer experience.

  • CHITUBOX Slicing Software

That supports one key to adding the model support and adjusting the modeling size, it is easy to achieve all functions that want.

  • Easy to Operate and Level the Print Platform

It has 3.5 inch full-color touch screen UI design that can monitor real-time printing information and makes it clear and easy to use.

Lower the print platform and keep only a distance of a piece of paper, then lock the leveling nut to finish the leveling, saving much time.

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