How Do You Use Coffee Printer? | Product Features

What do you know about Coffee Printers?

Coffee printers make cups of drinks more interesting by printing the object on it. The product dimension is 137.517.3 Inch (33 x 19 x 44 CM), and the dimension of the Display Pad are 7.65 Inch (19.313 CM). This product has a screen with a resolution of 640*480 pixels, and the memory capacity of the Display Pad is 4G. Product weight is 8.6KG, its power is 60W, it works with voltage 100V-240V 50/60Hz, and print speed is 10-20s/Cup.

You can print cups with height ranges between 2 to 9.4 Inches (5-24 CM), and diameter ranges between 1.6 to 4 Inches (4-10 CM).

The capacity of the Ink Cartridge is 25ML, whereas the Ink Cartridge is Food-Grade Ink Cartridge, its color as default is coffee color, matcha, and golden yellow color also available in the shop for choice.

What are the product features?

Coffee printer has some features are:

  • Multi-function Edible Printer

It can print on different not only coffee, you can print on cookies, beers, cakes, toast,
bread, yogurt, macarons, etc.

  • High Printing Efficiency

You can finish the process with a period between 10 to 20 seconds, and it is suitable home and business uses.

  • Easy to Operate

Coffee printers don’t require any APP or Software.

  • WIFI Control

You can choose the pictures from the print phone album by connecting your phone and printer.

  • Preset Latte Art Image Gallery

You can choose one of 66 preset classic coffee art image galleries that makes you a professional barista.

  • Watermark Setting

By setting a watermark you print a personalized logo on any cup.

  • Smart Timing System

It has a display pad that shows usage statistics, usage count of printer and ink cartridge, and the expiration date of the ink cartridge to ensure a fresh date.

How can you use it?

With a coffee printer, you can print the object that you need quickly with four steps, are:

  • Connect the printer with WIFI

Get the printer plugged in, and click on “WIFI SETTING”, select the WIFI and enter the password.

  • Connect your phone with the printer

Scan the QR code on the pad screen with the mobile phone.

  • Choose the pictures that you need to print

You can upload a picture from the phone album, or take one by the phone camera, or you can choose one from the printer photo gallery.

  • Settings Before Printing

Set the pictures’ contrast brightness and your cup diameter.

What can you do with the Printer?

With coffee printer technology you can print various objects such as:

  • Classic Latte Art Patterns

You can choose one of 66 preset classic coffee art image galleries.

  • Pictures

You can add any pictures to your printing album, and turn into the creative edible decor.

  • Words

You can print any words on your phone that you want.

  • Photos

You can print any photo that you want.

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