List of Transformations in Informatica Power Center & IICS | Types

Informatica Power Center is an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tool developed and provided by the Informatica Corporation.

Informatica is one of the best platforms that is used to read, transform, and integrate data from a source (for example: files or database) to target. (for example: files or databases).

Informatica offers a wide variety of tools for data operation like-

  • Informatica Power Center (IPC)
  • Informatica Integrated Cloud Service (IICS)
  • Informatica Data Quality
  • Informatica Master Data Management (MDM)

Here, I am describing different transformation types in Informatica Power Center or Informatica Integrated Cloud Service (IICS).

Informatica Transformations Types | Classifications

  1. Update Strategy Transformation
  2. Expression Transformation
  3. Filter Transformation
  4. Aggregator Transformation
  5. Lookup Transformation
  6. Sequence Generator Transformation
  7. Stored Procedure Transformation
  8. External Procedure Transformation
  9. Custom Transformation
  10. Joiner Transformation
  11. Normalizer Transformation
  12. Rank Transformation
  13. Router Transformation
  14. Sorter Transformation
  15. Transaction Control Transformation
  16. Source Qualifier Transformation
  17. Flexible Target Key Transformation
  18. HTTP Transformation
  19. Web Service Consumer Transformation
  20. SQL Transformation
  21. Union Transformation
  22. Java Transformation
  23. Salesforce Lookup Transformation
  24. Salesforce Picklist Transformation
  25. Salesforce Merge Transformation
  26. XML Parser Transformation
  27. XML Generator Transformation
  28. Identity Resolution Transformation
  29. Unstructured Data Transformation
  30. Data Masking Transformation

These types of transformations are available in the Informatica. Each transformation serves different purposes. Informatica developer used some of these transformations based on given business logic.

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