How Internet of Things (IoT) will Change the World?

Over the past years, Internet of Things (IoT) technology has become one of the most important technologies of the current century.

As this technology has made the process of communication between people, processes, and things more smooth, to know more about it and its applications, follow the article below.

Concept of Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) means a network that connects physical objects with technologies to communicate and exchange data with devices over the Internet.

These devices may be ordinary household appliances or even advanced industrial tools.

Parts of System

In order to be able to apply for this technology and benefit from its advantages, there must be devices and applications that allow the process of managing and controlling things, IoT system contains from five essential parts are:

  • Devices of sense

In other words, sensors are an essential component of an Internet of Things technology that receives or gives commands to controlled devices.

  • Communication protocols

The connection process can be wired or wireless, and the technologies used are WiFi and Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, and others.

  • Internet of Things platforms

It is an intermediary between different devices and applications, as it connects them, and manages all interactions between them, enabling devices to access the cloud.

It also collects data from devices via various protocols and forms a network of devices that can be controlled remotely.

  • Cloud computing platform

It allows data to be stored over the Internet, rather than keeping files on a private hard drive or local storage device.

  • Applications

IoT applications are software applications, created to analyze data captured by sensors and present it to business users via dashboards.

Applications of IoT

As we mentioned earlier, the Internet of Things technology has invaded all fields and has been applied in homes, laboratories, hospitals, and others, and among those applications:

  • Smart homes

Smart homes allow owners to control door locks, televisions, home monitors, cameras, and lights remotely using a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet on which the system is installed.

  • The cars

The automotive industry receives significant advantages from using applications, as sensors can detect impending equipment malfunction in vehicles on the road and alert the driver of details and recommendations.

  • Healthcare

IoT application solutions offer several advantages in healthcare, they are:

It enables physicians to monitor patients’ conditions remotely and provides physicians and nurses with knowledge of the exact location of patient assistance assets such as wheelchairs.

In conclusion, the development of science in general and technology in particular Including Internet of Things technology, has made life much easier than it, but safety remains the dilemma of this development.

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