What are the Creality cr-6 SE Features?

Introduction of CR-6 SE:

Creality cr-6 se 3d printer banner is a great starter 3d printer, it is from SainSmart company and available on September 3, 2020.

Its dimensions are (19.69 x 20.47 x 10.43) inches and its Weight is 20.9 pounds, 350 Watts.

CR-6 SE contains the following materials Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol, Polylactic Acid, Acrylonitrile, Thermoplastic, Butadiene Styrene, Polyurethane.

What are the Creality cr-6 SE Features?

  • Auto bed leveling system

Auto bed leveling system is fundamental to quality but, hard to master, it is easy to use and gives you a great start without the fuss.

  • Easy to use

You can set up through Five-minute because it comes assembled, only plug everything in and to be ready, plus with the auto bed leveling system.

  • 4.3-inch touch screen & simple UI

It is an ideal choice for beginners, with a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen and an upgraded user interface that makes it easy to use.

  • A quiet beast

It has a 32-bit silent motherboard, Atmega2560 control chip, and power supply 24V
350W from MeanWell company that makes the heating up quickly and consistently
and the noise is reduced.

  • Pro performance

It has dual lead screws, a robust aluminum frame, and an adjustable timing belt that helps to contribute to a smoother print finish of the prints.

  • Quality of life addons

Flexible hotbed clips and stepper motor covers deliver a cleaner look and foldable filament holder for easy storage.

  • Smooth printing experience

It is a Newly-Designed Extruder, that with the filament run-out sensor and resume printing function makes filament feeding quickly and painlessly and the carborundum glass bed for better adhesion and easier removal.

How does the CR-6 SE provide you a smooth printing experience?

Creality cr-6 SE provides the experience of smooth printing by the following:

  • Creality cr-6 SE improves the quality of life, belt tensioner, and tool storage compartment.
  • CR-6 SE uses enhanced heatsinks with better heat dissipation.
  • It enables a current and silent print by the TMC2209 Motor Drivers.
  • It has a stock nozzle that adopts a modular design and allows for customization that makes it easy to replace the spare part.
  • The print pauses and waits for loading filament before continuing and it resumes right where it left off.
  • Adjustable belt tensioner tool storage compartment portable carry handle Dynamic coupling Silicon hotbed cable protector Hotbed fixator Wide Y-axis profile.

How does the CR6 -SE continue its advancements in printing quality?

CR6-SE increases the quality by:

  • Creality new extruder design is redesigned for smooth and straight forward filament feeding.
  • Carborundum Glass Bed that better adhesion if you need it, and easier to remove prints if cooled.
  • Improved Performance by a sturdy aluminum frame, dual Z-axis, and an adjustable timing belt, so it achieves greater results because it can print with less vibrations and wobble.

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