Creality CR-30 3D PrintMill | Features

What do you know about Creality CR-30 is 3D PrintMill?

Creality CR-30 is 3D PrintMill Banner from SainSmart company, it will be available on April 25, 2021. CR-30 dimensions are 26.97 x 22.24 x 11.89 inches, its weight is 36.3 pounds, and its ASIN is “B093FH5NFR”.

That printer features infinite Z and batch printing, CR-30 is a traditional 3D printer with a conveyer belt and its printing angle is 45.

This technology allows you to print continuously by the belt, making it possible to print long props in batch printing and one-piece.

In addition to that, it allows you to print perfect unsupported overhangs. It is useful to do mass production or a cosplay enthusiast looking for a printer to print the costumes.

The Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill has a 3D-Print-Belt-Printer-Build Volume 200mm×170mm×∞mm Build Volume With a build volume measuring 7.87in×6.69in×∞mm(200mm×170mm×∞mm), the
infinite Z-axis build volume on more of details about 3D printer.

Functions of Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill

  • Infinite-Z-axis for Endless Printing:

That makes the CR-30 as a highly produced mini factory enable you to print “infinitely” on the Z axis for large prints or production lines producing smaller parts. It has a volume measuring 7.87in×6.69in×∞mm(200mm×170mm×∞mm).

  • Rolling Conveyor Belt:

That makes the prints fall off automatically if they reach to the end of the belt, that makes it a smoother workflow to print continuously.

  • Stable Core-XY Structure:

It has a stable and sturdy Core-XY precision structure that provides a fantastic

  • Dual-gear Metal Extruder:

That provides better grip and filament pushing force allows for large filament spools, combined with the 45 degrees slanting nozzle, that makes it able to print for 200 hours.

  • Exclusive 3DPrintMill Slicer:

That is designed for specially slicer CrealityBelt, you can download it, it is easy to

Features of Creality CR-30 3D PrintMill

Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill-3D has features that make it unique, are:

  • Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill-3D-Print-Belt-Printer-Dual-Gear-All-Metal Extruder Dual Gear Metal Extruder that makes more precise filament extrusion and better heat resistance and filament grips, that makes the printing performance better.
  • CR-30 Power Supply Unit- CR-30 has Broadband Power Supply that will auto-switch between AC100-120V/ 200-240V, it gives safe and stable performance through long printing hours.
  • Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill-3D-Print-Belt-Printer-Filament Run-out Detection CR-30 has the ability to detect Filament Run-out, where it pauses until you load filament and continue, and you don’t need to restart the process from start.
  • Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill-3D-Print-Belt-Printer-Naomi-Wu-Ultra-Silent Board Creality-CR-30 has an Upgraded silent board that reduces the level of noise.
  • Creality-CR-30-3DPrintMill-3D-Print-Belt-Printer-Slicer-Creality-Belt That version is from Cura, which allows you to do batch printing with ease.

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