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Procrastination is a feeling almost all of us can relate to. Remember the time when you hated cleaning your room but to avoid writing the report, you went on making it sparkle. Or, you may remember the time when you would commit yourself to pull an all-nighter to study your course book, but you ended up binging Netflix.

Procrastination is never a good feeling, we never enjoy doing it, and actually never do it on purpose (don’t smirk). In fact, procrastination puts us in a phase where we feel guilty and pressured to not be able to complete tasks on time.

If you, like many others, are annoyed with your attitude but can’t help procrastinate, then we have good news for you. There are a number of applications that can help you keep track of your tasks and avoid delays and impediments that result from your procrastination.

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Best Anti-Procrastination Apps | Top 5

Anyway, let’s check out the best anti-procrastination apps right away:

1. Todoist

It is one of the most powerful apps that let you create a to-do list to achieve your daily goals. Many features set it apart from other applications, but the best thing is that it enables you to set priority levels, favorites, and reminders, enabling you to put the first thing first and avoid missing deadlines.

You may download the application on your phone or desktop and pin your daily tasks to accomplish them. What’s more, you can integrate Todoist into 70+ apps, such as Calendar, voice assistance, time tracking, etc.

It is a tried and tested application that holds a reputation due to its incredible features. And there are over 13 million people who use it to manage and organize their tasks. If this is not enough to convince you about the credibility of this application, what will?

2. Notion

Notion is a banger of an application and is fairly a new player in the market as it came out in 2018. Despite that, you would see it everywhere. The reason for its popularity is its ability to provide convenience and feasibility to teams to collaborate and work together.

What makes it different from other applications? It replaces all other project management tools like Trello, Asana, and Google Docs, and brings them into one place. Whether you want to take notes, track progress, or create a mood board, you can do it all on this app.

3. Forest

You do not just need project management tools and applications to avoid procrastination; sometimes you need something that helps you stay focused and pay attention to the tasks you are doing. Starring at your computer screen for hours while being preoccupied with other thoughts or scrolling up your social media feed is also procrastination.

And that is why you need to download Forest on your phone. This app allows you to plant a tree on the app every time you start a focus session. The tree will die if you use it for something else. By completing focus sessions, you may grow an entire forest over time.

This gamified anti-procrastination app keeps you motivated to grow a forest by completing your focus sessions and also fends you off when you try to use your phone without any reason during work.

4. Freedom

When working a computer, you are easily distracted as you are lured into browsing through websites that waste your time. Therefore, Freedom allows you to focus on your work by cutting off access to certain websites during specific times.

If you are addicted to social media or can’t stop yourself from checking out products on your favorite online stores, you may use this app and stop yourself from using these applications when you need to pay attention to your work.

5. Fabulous

Fabulous is actually fabulous when it comes to getting the daily motivation to get going and working on key objectives to achieve goals. You can use an extensive range of built-in tools to develop habits that foster productivity and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

It is okay to take a break and put things off from time to time, but persistent procrastination is detrimental to achieving milestones. Therefore, if you want to avoid procrastination and enable yourself to complete tasks on time, then you may download some useful apps. Some of these help you organize your tasks, while others enable you to stay focused and motivated to complete tasks on time.

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