How Cisco Certbolt Certification can transform your IT career?

How Cisco Certbolt Certification can transform your IT career?

The global recognition and acceptance of Cisco certifications make this company one of the
most distinguished vendors in the IT industry.

That’s because it upgrades, changes, and constantly evolves its certification program so IT specialists have to continually learn and acquire knowledge to stay up to date with the changes in their chosen sector.

Thus, reaching out for a Cisco certificate is the best means of developing the skills necessary to advance your IT career. Moreover, the Cisco certbolt certification pathway targets different categories of candidates and includes the Entry, Associate, Specialist, Professional, and Expert levels in different technological areas such as DevNet, Service Provider, Data Center, Security, CyberOps, Collaboration, and Enterprise.

Key Benefits of Certified Specialists

Admittedly, employers are always looking for professionals who can solve assigned tasks quickly and clearly so having a Cisco Certification gives you an extra advantage among the crowd of applicants.

Below, you can look at some of the benefits of getting a Cisco qualification to your IT career growth:

  • Career prospects

As you understand, having a basic academic background in IT is not sufficient to boost your career development in the industry. You have to constantly train and advance expertise that is relevant to new trends in your professional field. Furthermore, employers will always value a specialist with more designations and training.

Thus, adding a Cisco Certbolt validation to your bag of certificates will make you more desirable
to leading companies. Therefore, more prospects and opportunities will become available to you. As a result, you’ll be able to find your niche within an ample amount of jobs like a network engineer, network admin, systems admin, systems engineer, network architect, and the like.

  • Monetary rewards

It’s logical that specialists who take on more responsibilities and can solve more complex problems are paid more by employers. The only way you can be able to do that is by acquiring more skills and learning all the time. A Cisco designation is the best path of proving how much value you provide to your organization and consequently how much more compensation you deserve for your expertise.

In other words, with a prestigious certificate, you will be able to apply for better-paying jobs and get the salary you desire from your work. Thus, based on data highlighted by, a specialist with a Certbolt CCNA qualification, for example, can attract about $84k annually, while one with a CCNP certification can receive about $107k per annum.

On the other hand, an expert with a Cisco CCIE certificate can qualify for around $150k annually as stated by the same salary benchmark.

  • Recognition and credibility

Successful companies are always looking for highly skilled IT professionals that can add value to their businesses. Since any Cisco Certification is considered credible and is widely accepted, it is a sure way of showing employers that you have the skills they require.

So, the Cisco designation is a means to identify you as a professional who is not afraid of difficulties, will find common ground with colleagues, and will sensitively perform his other duties for the common good of the organization.


A relevant academic background in IT is important but is not enough if you want to stand out
among other professionals.

So, the more designations you have, the more perks you’ll get in the IT industry. And attaining a top-notch Cisco Certbolt certification is surely the best way to confirm your experience and prove to those around you that you are worthy of the desired position and pay.

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